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IOTD: Wizardry Legacy 0.3 - Combat Screen
Wizardry Legacy 0.3 - Combat Screen
Wizardry Legacy 0.3 - Combat Screen, by larienna

This is a screen shot of the combat screen for Wizardry Legacy. The combat system is working but very minimalist (you can only fight). Here is a more detailed list of the new features:

- There is now a stat matrix to compile all the characters and monster stats from various equipment, attribute and class to make the characters ready for battle.

- The combat and action system works. You can now encounter a limited set of monster and fight them. Monster will fight back, so beware. Make sure you have at least a weapon before entering the maze.

- Monsters gives rewards in gold and experience and characters can now level up at the city. So in theory, the game is playable ... if you have a party of fighters.

- Translucent windows. The is now a possibility to use translucent windows in the maze to prevent having a window blocking the view. It does not work in textured mode.

Next, I'll be planning to improve the maze system.

Enjoy and have fun!

The kobold is one of those creatures the fantasy world just can't seem to agree upon what it looks like.

I wanted to try out the demo, but the binary doesn't seem to run on Debian.

- Gideon Weems

I compiled it on Ubuntu. That is something that bothers me on linux is the lack of exportability.

I love linux, but in windows, once the program is compiled, it runs on most windows version. On linux, you need to recompile it for each distribution.

Not sure if using static libraries would actually solve the problem. It looked much more complex to setup.

- larienna

Epic!! but this is more like: Image of the month

- Blenderman9000

The previous screenshot also stayed here for a long time. So I am not surprised.

Maybe there are less users on the forum than before.

- larienna

Most of the problems associated with binary programs on Linux is linking with too new of a version of a library. Linux is terrible when it comes to backwards compatibility but much better with forward compatibility. The best way to handle this is to either link your program against a distro that uses legacy packages (Debian) or check out linking against the Linux Standard Base. Using the LSB is nice because it'll work on your current system, however it will take a bit to set it up.

It's not bulletproof as you'll likely want to not use the LSB dynamic linker/loader ( but rather the system dynamic linker (, which is an option while linking against the LSB libraries. The dynamic linker is not something you can package and there's a good chance the end user wouldn't have the LSB linker installed (it's not default for a lot of distros). When I tested this however, the dynamic linker was usually never the problem.

- akciom

Looks great! No chance of making it open source?

- gusnan
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