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IOTD: Moai
Moai, by Sirocco

Since my last game is on hiatus, I figured I'd work on a simple project to pass some time. Moai is a somewhat more modern interpretation of Autodesk Animator, minus most of the animation features. I've taken the feel and useful features of the original program, and turned it into a pixel editor that addresses the few issues I had with Animator.

As it stands now, Moai features 18 brush and 25 ink tools, the latter of which are applied via the former on a per-pixel basis, much like a shader. Most of Animator's tools are returning, along with several new ones that have proven to be useful, such as supershapes and vector font support. The few annoying bugs from Animator that made scaling and rotation a pain have been eliminated, and frames are no longer limited in resolution. Moai edits images in 32bpp, but the alpha channel is not yet supported -- that will arrive later.

Like its predecessor, it will be a unique program that fills a certain niche. Moai is specifically made for editing pixels (spriting), and is not designed to be a replacement for general purpose photo editors such as Gimp.

Moai is late in development: 4 brush tools and 2 ink tools remain to be coded. The rest is complete. Moai will be released for Windows as freeware. Moai may head to other platforms. This program's development log can be found here.

I wanna download it now... ;)

- Felix-The-Ghost

That looks amazing! I read parts of your development journal, and it looks really, really good. Congratulations!

- Michael Faerber

Thanks guys.

I'm working on the last two brush tools, then I just have to fix a couple of bugs and fix several semi-working file formats (gif and JPG are being rather... odd) and I'll be ready for a public 1.0.

- Sirocco
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