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IOTD: TA3D 0.3.1 - flash effect
TA3D 0.3.1 - flash effect
TA3D 0.3.1 - flash effect, by Zuzuf

Here's a screen shot of my project TA3D 0.3.1 I've just released. You can see some new effects, mainly here detail textures and an explosion flash. We are working hard on it, fixing tons of bugs and rewriting stuffs that needs to be rewritten. Currently it's playable with game scripts. For example the defense.c script will give you 10 minutes to build a base, when the time limit is reached, enemy units are spawned randomly and ordered to attack your commander every minute. At the end, long range canons are spawned... Your mission : survive!!
Dude, that's awesome!

By the way, at first I thought it looked like a picture of a cooked egg. White with a bright yellow spot in the middle. - Billybob
Very nice!

...the thumbnail really does look like an egg, though. - kdevil
I think it's supposed to look like an egg.

Nice picture, though! - James Stanley
mmm breakfast... - Michael Jensen
nice watter..
about the shadows, they should be hidden, or drawn in the oposite direction .. but this is something you'll propably know and will not do ;)
anyway, this game is developing for a really long time, hope you'll finish it someday ;) - Pavel Hilser
Total Annihilation Rocks!! ah, the memories. good luck :). - Albin Engström
Not only does it look like an egg, it looks like a bird, replete with feet! Looking pretty good. - Ben Delacob
Yeah that is nice ! Keep up the good work ! - GullRaDriel
That's a really good work ! I will be happy if I can do the same a day :) !! - Lutarez
I love Total Annihilation, and I just love open source engines for it. Yours is the second I've heard of aside from Spring, good work and good luck. ;D - Sevalecan Dragon
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