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IOTD: Using the Orbit weapon in Neon Wars
Using the Orbit weapon in Neon Wars
Using the Orbit weapon in Neon Wars, by Richard Phipps

This is a screenshot of my new game Neon Wars. An abstract arena based shooter that's completely mouse controlled. Neon Wars uses OpenGl but has different quality settings for different machines.

In this picture the player is using the special Orbit weapon to destroy a group of enemies. This results in colourful particle explosions. :)

You can find more information on the game at:
Those look like really cool blurring effects, congratulations... :-) I also like the GUI style. I'll play the demo to see the whole package.

What's with the tiling in the background? I find it odd that in space you find such patterns ;-) - Ciro Duran
Hehe, looks pretty crazy and confusing - but only in the good way. I like the grapics, maybe it's time to get a demo. - OICW
Kinda curious if you used Openlayer or not to put the game together, otherwise, would just like to say that the demo is simple and fun... plus runs perfectly on my Windows 98SE system. (Even though it wants Windows 2K/XP on startup.) - Kris Asick
Thanks all!

Kris: It does use OpenLayer. We check for 2K/XP because on some 95/98 systems there are a few niggles. - Richard Phipps
The particles look pretty crappy in the screenshot, but like I said in the thread, it looks a lot better in motion. Fun game, very unique gameplay interface. More interesting enemies than I had expected too, though the gun doesn't power up to a maximum I'm happy with. :) Where's my quad shot? - 23yrold3yrold
Wow! If this thing doesn't cause seizures, I don't know what does... - Kauhiz
This screenshot is just beautiful!!!!! I'll finally move onto programming with OpenLayer for my next game! I can't wait! Very nice, Richard! :) - Kevin Epps
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