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IOTD: A working production-chain in action
A working production-chain in action
A working production-chain in action, by imaxcs


Once again, with new graphics (let's see who knows them) a screenshot of my exhaustingly BIG project called townsmen. It's an RTS focusing nearly completely on economics. Fighting will not play an important role.

Anyway, tell me what you think of the screenshot. Do you like the GUI?

Looks cool. You should experiment with multiple types of grass tiles, so you get more variety there. - William Heatley
Looks very cool. I agree with William, more grass textures would be better. Also, the small map looks bad, and the white doesn't match the GUI. - Felipe Maia
Wow, that looks pretty cool.

I cant wait to play a demo.

I'm always looking for game with Medieval Economics. I'm even working on a Game Which uses Economics and fighting in a medieval themed world.

Screenshots to be posted when i get something working. This summer heat is slowing down progress :(.

If you would like any help, or ideas, or too share ideas with, contact me on Instant message.

ICQ: 65188878
Aim: cdfbr
msn: - chris fesko
Very cool, much better than I could do. Sounds a lot like tropico in the means of economics. Is the terrain real 3d or is it pre-rendered like starcraft? - Brian Simpson
You might want to put some more work into the terrain, especially if it's pre-rendered. The houses and trees look nice, though. The status bar thingy at the top of the screen looks nice, the gui should look the same. Keep it up! - Kauhiz
Looks like someone did a lot of hard work :). Keep it going, the game looks promising.. Some story mode would be nice to keep the game following some goal, but i thing you have a lot of own ideas in your mind ;) - Pavel Hilser
Looks cool, but the grass tiles definately need some work - you can see that they are in grid. Also the white background looks bad on the GUI. Overall imresion is of course good, so stay motivated and keep working on it. - OICW
Looks fun! - Ceagon Xylas
The resources (?) icons have low contrast, I'm not sure if they're readable enough. If there are parts of the game where they are much bigger, it will be more clear as to what they represent exactly (It's not easy to differenciate cereals anyway :))
The white oulines hurt the "realism" of the scene, if you need to mark some characters, a ground ellipse might be better.

The different houses are very pretty and distinctive, but I'm worried by the lighting, it does not seem consistant...
cast shadows (black) indicate the sun is bottom left,
river slopes indicate the sun is bottom right
wheat fields indicate the sun is up...
keep up the good work, many players enjoy such games. - Audric
The gfx look like age of empires, but I could be horribly mistaken, I've only played the game twice... my apologies if they're your own gfx -- they look very nice and polished, except for the tiles...

Hmm about the text, instead of using a black or white solid background to write on, use a texture, like the soft brown one for your text background -- of course the text won't look nice on that unless you go to a bolder font, possibly more contrasting, or you could always put a border around the font...

I'm curious as to what your mouse cursor looks like!

Good Luck with your game.

PS: for an interesting font border (you might not like it though):
int width=1;
for(int i=(-1 * width); i<(width+1); i++)
{for(int j=(-1 * width); j<(width+1); j++)
{textout_ex(bmp, fnt, text, x+i, y+j, WHITE, -1);}}
textout_ex(bmp, fnt, text, x, y, BLACK, -1); - Michael Jensen
That looks great!

I like the idea of using outlines around characters, instead of floating squares or ellipses.

Did you know there is actually mobilephone game called 'Townsmen' and it has almost the same idea. It wasn't RTS though. But I liked the game, so I have high expectations for this game :)

GUI placement looks good, but I agree with others that there is definitely too much white color.

Keep up the good work! -
Sorry to nit pick, but it occurs to me that there is a man standing "on top" of a field of hay or straw or something -- he should be up to his kness at least in that straw -- which leads me to believe that the graphics are prerendered -- I could be wrong, but you should fix that one too -- that would kind of annoy most players I think... - Michael Jensen
Your grass texture clashes heavily with the rest of the art. The eye is drawn onto the grass instead of the game objects, which the eye should be drawn too. Try muting the colors more until the game objects are the ones that stand out. - Dark
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