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IOTD: Welcome to the game grid, user
Welcome to the game grid, user
Welcome to the game grid, user, by spellcaster

This is the battle arena for a small game I'm working on. I'm still working on the graphical feel of the game, this is my latest incarnation of the main playing field.
The game idea is that you'll be able to load battle programs into your memory slots ( the chopped off circles in the center of the field) and that these programs will then battle each other.

I think this screen is pretty close to the final, I just need to come up with a good idea for the graphical user interface...
Neato looking. It looks dark from this page though, though that might change in a fullscreen app. - CGamesPlay
Gives new meaning to corrupted memory! - William Heatley
what would be truely excellent would be if the programs were AI progs writen by the player in a scripting language interperted by the game. I'd play that for sure. - relpatseht
It's BEAUTIFUL! @_@ - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
Nice TRON reference! I rewatched that last week. Will it be user coded programs or will you supply a variety to choose from? - nonnus29
Click on your guys during battle to specify new AI? A seperate group AI algorithm would be cool too. AngelScript? - Jim Sinha
I must admit that I like the idea of user written programs - mabye for a later version.
Right now, it's more like a CCG - programs and commands are a "card". You can play one card each turn. Programs need to be loaded (put into a memory slot) - and then an animated avatar will appear to symbolize the program.

Cards will be implemented as small scripts - so some scripting is possible even in this game. But a user scriptable robot battle would be fun as well. - spellcaster
Sounds interesting! Have you thought about Lua for future scripting? - Michael Faerber
Looks really nice! I also like the game idea; Although if you want to write programs fighting other programs (written in what looks like assembly) in an arena, there already is such a game: have a look at Core War! It's addicting at first but I quickly realized that I didn't stand a chance against other newbie programs. If there was a new game with such a concept, I'd play it for sure! - Peter N.
small scripts -> lua ;) - spellcaster
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