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IOTD: LGC - The Great Caverns 2
LGC - The Great Caverns 2
LGC - The Great Caverns 2, by Micah Crow

This is an editor shot of Les Grandes Cavernes 2. As it looks by now, we will need at least 3 more months to finish it. I tried to get very close to the SNES Games when making the tileset, although I am using the highest pixel color depth available. I joined the project because Lgc 1 was technically nice, but the gfx sucked ( and therefore it was criticised very hard ). I hope to give it a new look and a change of some people's opinions about this game.

Enjoy. J
It looks a little odd the way the roof connects, especially the top chunk that seems to be floating on the water, and also on the house.... Looks like you still have a lot of work to do, but it's comming along. Good work! Good luck! - Michael Jensen
It took me a while to find the right perspective for the picture to make sense (right bottom to left top). Some of the shadows look out of place. That said with a bit of fiddling this could look great. - lambik
Agreed, the roof is a little crooked... But other than that, I love it =] Shadows look pretty nice! - Ceagon Xylas
At first glance this looked great, but the longer I look at it, the weirder it looks. The water needs some detail, and the sand looks too tile like. The grass is better, but could use some variation. The darker shadows look a bit weird, but the lighter ones are nice. The house is great, but the roof needs work. The roof just seems badly out of perspective. The roof is actually the best part of the pic, but it doesn't fit in with the rest. Anyways, good luck, and I hope to see more screens from this project in the future. - Kauhiz
Another thing is the blurring kind of makes it seem not like an snes tileset. - Samuel Henderson
Veto. The blurring is the effect of stretching the image to 640x480. - Micah Crow
You should stretch it without blurring, it would be better to have a look at it that way (or without stretching to begin with). Do you have an link to the unscaled image?

I think that the shadows should be more in 45 degrees to the house. It looks a bit to flat. Otherwise great work! :) - Kent Larsson
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