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IOTD: Crazylens XP
Crazylens XP
Crazylens XP, by dthompson

This is a screenshot of my new game, Crazylens XPlorer. It is a bit like XKobo but with more enemies and guns, etc. On the panel you can see the amount of points, the shield status and the smartbombs that you've got. This should be finished sometime around September.
Looks exciting =) - Samuel Henderson
DThompson: Looks realy cool, hope it moves smoothly!

Death Gauge: Now now, jealous. - Moving Shadow
The panel takes up too much space. Unless the ship that you play as goes behind the border (Which would be a bad idea) it looks like it would make the right side of the screen unplayable. Of course, I don't know how the game works. So, I could most definitely be wrong. That's just what I am getting from the screenshot. - RallyMonkey
I'm just glad that it's something other than the CG sequence from that RPG. Your screen shot looks great though don't get me wrong:). - Death Gauge
Nice screenshot, but the panel looks ugly. Doesn't fit into the screen and the letters are too near to the edge. I would give it some sort of a border :) - Simon Parzer
Death Guage: There was an article in the forum about this. The IOTD submit didn't work ;)
Simon: The panel does have a border, you just can't see it here becuase the background is black.
Moving Shadow: 50 FPS ;D - dthompson
Exploding stuff! Looking hot.(I wanted to say cool but the colors are not cool, they're hot!;)) The panel could need some smoothing on the borders. - Dennis Busch
Nice explosions there :) Are they fully dynamic? Looks like they are. Keep up the good work! - Mika Halttunen
The panel will be made transparent if the ship is at the bottom-right hand side of the level. And the explosions are dynamic! :) - dthompson
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