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IOTD: 2d platform game
2d platform game
2d platform game, by Pavel Hilser

This is my new 2d platform game. Three types of monsters, 6 different weapons, 32bit graphic (but running at 8, 16 or 32bit). I'll try to make it to a complete game with a lot more monsters and bosses. Planned at least 20 types of monsters, 10 weapons and i hope at least 50 levels (widh different graphics).
It has simple particle system for creating blood and shells, simple water.
The game runs all screen sizes under DirectX.

All i have to say is - Thans for allegro guys, it openned me a whole world of C programming ;)
looks great man, is it multiplayer like or just single player or both?. Also how did you make the graphics look the same at all screen sizes?, you usin opengl?, or just resizing the graphics on the fly? - flares
I agree, it's pretty impressive. Do those brown ball things at the bottom have some kind of pack behaviour? - Pravit
Looks very nice, are you going to release a demo soon?
Is it cooperative multiplayer or?
You could add network play. - Trezker
Yeah, networking is really hard even if you use the best of libraries. Especially realtime games. And if you're a pure c programmer I can't recommend, you'll need c++ for that. Also, depending on how your code is structured, it may be very hard to add networking afterwards without rearranging lots of code. - Trezker
I tried the demo, this looks very promising indeed! Nice graphics! - kentl
I'd be down for adding networking support to your game if its structured in a way where it would be possible. I got no better projects to do. Would you be interested? - Dustin Dettmer
Pavel, are you doing the graphics yourself, or do you have an artist helping? - Pravit
All done by myself, only some Wav samples are stolen (looking to record them somewhere). - Pavel Hilser
It looks promising. Don't let us down... - Archon
Unique art style, but i like it. - Ceagon Xylas
About the art style - i wannted to create something original, not only to copy some cartoon characters .. Thats why the big nose.. The graphics is for testing only, and each level can have differents sprites (player sprites including), so level different dressing and other changes are easy to create.. - Pavel Hilser
Cool. - Micah Crow
New demo will be avalable in a week. I am currently adding more graphics and some new monsters and designing real game levels. (mp3 bg music already supportet, and I hope to add some weather effects too). - Pavel Hilser
Looks good! Please tell you plan on releasing the source... - Jonny Cook
Looking nice, can't wait to play the final version! - Indeterminatus
New version available at the game website: - Pavel Hilser
It's only running single player or splitscreen, but is capable 8 players at once - only limitation was keyboard ang gamepad, so i keep two players max. Boxes fall and can be pushed (classical boxes), or may have predefined path to move (lifts).
I use only allegros standart blitting, so no OpenGl (i was not able to install OpenLayer :( ). Bigger screen means you see more, so no resizing. But at 640x480x16bit it looks great (32 bit bitmaps are dithered to 16bit). - Pavel Hilser
Pres. question - the brown balls at the botoom - i call them critters, they are simple ruinning and jumping, but in this case it looks like wave, coming to get you :) (so it was not my idea to create this, it happened on alone).

The game will be cooperative, demo will be released soon, i'm currently adding some menu.

Network play - i am a newbie in C programming, so this was planned, but as I saw some sources and libraries I decided not to do this. It far beyond my possibilities :-/ - Pavel Hilser
I added the demo to download -

Feel free to experiment/kill ;)

(LNX sorry, but the game is Windows with DX only) - Pavel Hilser
The boxes are to make it more puzzle, just as you said. You can push one in the water to jump higher, or on a moving lift, push it on a switch (not yet made), etc. ... The posibilities are unlimited ;) - Pavel Hilser
Thanx for help, I'll try to contact you with a private message. I started to program the game to be a classic jump'n'shot, just easy 2d, with simple story and lot of blood, so network was from the beginning only a idea, that will propably never be realized ;) - Pavel Hilser
I tried the demo and loved it. Great work :) - Nial Giacomelli
Just tried the demo, and can say it's very good :) The weapons are cool, especially the grenades and freeze ray. The chunks flying when you kill an enemy is pretty satisfying, too. The block-pushing could make for a nice puzzle element, maybe? - Raymond Jekabson
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