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IOTD: mucha wars: killer battles alpha
mucha wars: killer battles alpha
mucha wars: killer battles alpha, by Global Warming

A screenshot from the game Mucha Wars: Killer Battles which I am currently working on. The landscape is randomly generated and entirely destructable. Still needs more details (some stuff sticking out of ground or something) but I think it looks quite good. And that ugly-looking font needs to be replaced ;).
p.s. I'm looking for an artist that could do some nice graphics for this game (landscape, weapon gfx, muchas animations :P). Contact by mail:
Looks very nice. Are the randomly generated landscapes very similar or is there a great deal of variation? - kentl
Looks very professional. Congratulations. Let's see the demo! - CascoOscuro
Great! I love the first version! - Ron Ophir
The game is very nice, but one thing you should fix is the turn order. In worms the turn is passed from team to team, in your game from mucha to mucha, wich is unfair if one team has only one mucha... You should also let the player choose wich mucha to use. Other than that, great job! - Kauhiz
The curse ruined the screenshot for me. - Ceagon Xylas
What does the ninja rope do? - Jim Sinha
I'll release version 0.4.0 alpha soon (in a few days). I'll just need to finish the ninja rope and do some small bugfixes. 0.3.6 is avaible @
About the random landscape generator, it uses a very simple algorithm. I think that the landscapes are enough varied but still quite similar. Sometimes it generates two or three smaller inslands, sometimes a big mass of land. Many parameters of the landscape generator will be adjustable.

Thx for feedback ;) - Global Warming
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