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IOTD: Sound Wave generator
Sound Wave generator
Sound Wave generator, by larienna

This is a small utility that allows you to create sound from scratch by setting various parameter fitting in 3 categories : Wave form, Envelope and pitch gradient.

The goal is to allow video game programmers to have a simple software to make sound for their game without having to record them.

The tool is currently not available on but it will eventually be on it. It currently does not support saving and wav export and there is still a few parameters to add.

You can currently easily generate non chaotic sound like : Lasers, Alarms, Motor, Buzzer, etc. But making chaotic sound like : Explosion, Fire and thunder is not possible. I intend to add some randomisation to generate these sound.

If you need to contact me , here is my address:
ericp -at-

The Shadow ( aka Larienna )
Looks very promising. I hope you have the endurance to finish
it. Reminds me of a shareware programme called "Saw Cutter" - Dennis Busch
I've made a synth thingy myself. It's quite alpha atm.
Here's an image if you're interested: (Image) - theakx
A very useful tool indeed! - William Heatley
I can't wait until you release it! -- (either of you) -- they both look very cool/useful. One thing I notice is how I tend to leave sound for the last moment, it's nice to know that someday generating my own sfx could be a possibility....

as for a speed hack sound generator -- it shouldn't be too hard to make a program that takes ANY allegro compatable .wav file and outputs .c or .h file for the program... of course, if it came straight from the Sound wav generator it would be a LOT more compressed... Since it would have more like a for loop filling in the data than a bit per bit push in -- also it's neat to think that the .c/.h could contain some randomization tweaks causing a slighly different sound to be generated each time -- very cool thoughts -- anyway -- hope I didn't get too far off on a wild tangent -- I'm a dreamer -- This looks very promising/cool. - Michael Jensen
Adding noise shouldn't be too hard, just use rand() as a waveform.
Would be great to have some effects that can be added (chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, echo, reverb, dynamics, distortion, eq, filters etc.) - Tobias Dammers
now we can bring back those old-school sound fx & music. - Jim Sinha
Nice, this could be very useful once it's finished.
Just a thought, maybe you could add a code exporter that writes C code to generate the sound :) That would make it the ultimate speedhack sound generator :) - jcnossen
I looks good :)
This is a nice use of the allegro GUI, too... To those who think it is crappy and useless ::)
( I have been myself using it and still believe it can be good ) - da_flo
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