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IOTD: A Jungle
A Jungle
A Jungle, by Trumgottist

A quick peek at my current project...
Aint he cute? I like your fuzzy guy! The image is a little dark. Hey! Since this appears to be the only way to tell you, the new Rocket Duel installer doesn't work on this PC.
Nice adventure I see,
---Kristos - kritter
Hmmm... Pretty! Your last IOTD was of another project, right? It seemed very different. When will a demo be ready? - Ron Ophir
Yes, my last IOTD was of another project. That one was a collaboration where the collaborator was unable to deliver, so it's been put on hold. This one, I'm doing on my own.

A demo? Hmm. I have planned to start beta-testing when the first part (of three) is finished, which will be pretty soon, but I don't have any plans to release any public demo before the whole game is done. Probably not until next year. Perhaps I could release an unofficial demo exclusively for Allegroids, though...

Point'n'clicker it is. That's my favourite genre.

Kristos: Doesn't work? Could you give me more details? (In a PM perhaps?) I may consider Rocket Duel finished, but I'm not abandoning it. - Trumgottist
Noooo! Another really sweet looking POINT AND CLICK game!!! my wrist will be in pain forever more.... - Michael Jensen

looks good mate, can't wait to have a go of a demo. - Ralphie
Thanks for all kind comments. It was a much more positive response than I expected. - Trumgottist
i've had it tiled as my background image on my desktop for
a few months now - it's a nice looking thing..

are you going to be able to walk about in the game with keys
or will we control the character with a mouse ? - William Labbett
Mouse only. - Trumgottist
I knew this was yours before I clicked it; I recognize the hairball. :) Looks sweet; point and click adventure? I wanna play it ... - 23yrold3yrold
What can we say; it looks cute. :) - 23yrold3yrold
Sounds like a great game.. graphics too of course! :) - Dasse Evertsson
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