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IOTD: A Graph of 2D Time Functions With Intersection Highlight
A Graph of 2D Time Functions With Intersection Highlight
A Graph of 2D Time Functions With Intersection Highlight, by kritter

(A Graph of 2D Time Functions With Intersection Highlight)
That would be the name of the program if it wasn't of olde-booke title length. To shorten it, I put FunIntGra.
What is FunIntGra? It is a program I am working on, inspired by the recent chryzode IOTD by da_flo. It graphs a function that relates two time variables(Tx and Ty) to two positions(X and Y) and highlights the intersections. Looks cool, huh? That's because it's blue! :) Currently formulas and color sets are hard-coded but I'm working on a formula evaluator and color changer. Thanks Florian!
Wow, definately cool looking. Maybe you can learn to eventually predict time with that tool. Let me know when you get that far...

/me dons his burglery and pillaging mask - DarkFact
I guess the other images are as beautifull as this one. I hope to see more. How about a 3rd dimension? Put that icy thing in rotation! It looks like if it has some depth there. There are a lot of us fractals-and-other-graphically-interesting-mathematical-objects freaks. - Johan Halmén
It does have depth. ^v^ This is a graph of a whole lot of stacked functions related through the two changing time variables. The brightness of a particular point shows how many times that point has been crossed. I could expand it to include a user defined n dimensions of time! And there could be 3d rotation. There could be, like Johan said, 3 dimensions. I think I'll try it. And DarkFact, what do you mean by "Predict Time"? As in velocity and location equations? Thanks for the comments!
---Kristos, servant of my Lord. - kritter
Hey kritter that looks quite cool :)... What is beautiful with maths is that there are LOTS of way to make really beautiful images ! I am waiting for other images or even a downloadable version ;). It is a pity that your IOTD is an awfully compressed JPG, which may hide the fine details of your work. Nevertheless, keep working on it ! And I am glad I can inspire such interesting mathematical programming ;D. Thanks :D - da_flo

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