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Print a bitmap from allegro or a bmp, png or jpg file from console
alex glez
Member #16,757
October 2017

Good morning, I have allegro 5.x from windows 10 and I would like to send an image from a bitmap to the printer. In case that is not possible, a windows or third-party application would also help me to print bmp, png or jpg from the console.
If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Greetings and thank you.

Peter Hull
Member #1,136
March 2001

Haven't tried myself, but one way would be to save the bitmap to a tmp file and shell out to mspaint to print it. See
Otherwise you'll have to mess with the Win32 API and that won't be simple!

alex glez
Member #16,757
October 2017

Hello, thanks for your answer, the idea of mspaint is very good, the only bad thing is that it only allows you as a parameter to choose the printer, but not the size, cut, etc. Even so, I will have to do it this way if I can't find another simple way.

Cheers and thank you again.

Member #16,660
April 2017

you also have gimp, photoshop, libreoffice draw, inkscape, etc.

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