Print a bitmap from allegro or a bmp, png or jpg file from console
alex glez

Good morning, I have allegro 5.x from windows 10 and I would like to send an image from a bitmap to the printer. In case that is not possible, a windows or third-party application would also help me to print bmp, png or jpg from the console.
If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Greetings and thank you.

Peter Hull

Haven't tried myself, but one way would be to save the bitmap to a tmp file and shell out to mspaint to print it. See
Otherwise you'll have to mess with the Win32 API and that won't be simple!

alex glez

Hello, thanks for your answer, the idea of mspaint is very good, the only bad thing is that it only allows you as a parameter to choose the printer, but not the size, cut, etc. Even so, I will have to do it this way if I can't find another simple way.

Cheers and thank you again.


you also have gimp, photoshop, libreoffice draw, inkscape, etc.

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