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Alex on Pocket Chip
Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

I have no idea what Pocket Chip is, thanks to MiquelFire for sharing this link:


Long live Allegro!

Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

It's a $9 computer with 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, and 4 GB storage.

I wonder if they chose to demo Alex 4 specifically because it wasn't too demanding on the CPU. If this thing could run other Allegro games, somebody please put a bare bones window manager on one and make it an Allegro Boy.

Member #3,861
September 2003

Looks like an old pip boy ^^

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Member #2,229
April 2002

Kewl! What's a Pocket Chip? ;D First I heard of it. But still kewl.

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Member #3,110
January 2003

Pocket Chip is an addon to Chip, a $9 computer. Would have been the first, but before everyone who backed Chip got theirs, Raspberry PI released a $5 computer!

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Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

I guess I'll hold out till they release a -$5 computer.

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