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Allegro 5.1.8 released!
Peter Wang
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April 2000


Changes from 5.1.7 to 5.1.8 (January 2014)

The main developers this time were: Beoran, SiegeLord, Trent Gamblin,
Markus Henschel, Peter Wang.


- Allow MSVC to use DLL TLS but disable DLL TLS by default.

- Do not include windows.h via allegro.h.

- Fix some memory leaks on X11.


(with compatibility defines).

- Fix bug which meant ALLEGRO_INVERSE_SRC_COLOR and
ALLEGRO_INVERSE_DEST_COLOR never actually worked on D3D.

- Fix horizontal and vertical shears which were not composing with
translations correctly.

- Optimise al_restore_state if saved target display/bitmap are unchanged.

- Fix _al_display_settings_sorter ordering of indexes when scores are equal.

- Use a minimum 16x16 texture workaround even on desktop OpenGL.

- Propagate errors up OpenGL lock bitmap implementations.

- Use proxy bitmap when locking writable backbuffer regions on GLES.

- Clean up FBO creation during bitmap locking.

- Move the half-pixel shift in D3D into the projection matrix.
Use the texture dimensions to compute the half-pixel shift.

- Fix al_get_d3d_texture_size returning zeros.


- Setup GL viewport and projection in al_acknowledge_resize on Android.

- Improve implementation of display options on Android: use the same display
setting scoring code as other ports; handle SUGGEST display options
properly; map ALLEGRO_COLOR_SIZE to EGL_BUFFER_SIZE attributes.


- Add al_ferror and al_ferror. Initial patch by Tobias Scheuer.

- Make al_fclose have a return value.

- Check al_fclose return value in saving routines.

- Make al_fopen_fd not leak a FILE handle in a failure path.

- Make al_make_temp_file allocate temporary buffer to match the template.

- android: Interpret the path to APK asset as AssetManager doesn't.

- android: Correctly return -1 for APK asset file size if it can't be
determined. A side-effect is that FreeType (via the TTF addon) can now
load TTFs stored compressed in APK assets.

- android: Support ungetc on APK file streams.

- android: Fix EOF handling in AllegroInputStream.


- Initial haptics API, only implemented on Linux to begin with.

- Use Linux input API for joystick driver instead of deprecated joystick API.

- Use Linux joystick driver on Android if OUYA model detected
(Jonathan Lilliemarck).

- Use thread for hotplugging joysticks on Linux instead of timerfd
(due to Android).

- Report unichar in KEY_CHAR events on Android. (Todd Cope)

- Added some Android gaming key codes.

- iOS touch coordinates need to be multiplied by contentScaleFactor.

- Android touch input id 0 was incorrectly treated as invalid.
(Max Savenkov)


- Automatically call OnLostDevice and OnResetDevice on HLSL shaders.

- Remove #version specifier from all shaders.

Audio addon:

- Remove generic audio event source and AudioQueue events.

- Don't queue silent fragments at start of new audio streams.

- Make stream_read return correct number of filled samples when no data is
available (zero).

- A DirectSound voice could not be restarted once it has been stopped.

- Fix crash when attaching empty stream to dsound voice.

- Reset buffer position in stop instead of play in dsound voice.

- Fix calculation of current sample position in dsound voice.

- Reset audio stream when al_set_audio_stream_playing to false for voice and
mixer cases, and make all fragments available for refill.

- Emit stream fragment events when a stream is started.

- Remove unnecessary reallocation of the channel matrix.

- Add al_fill_silence.

- Add al_get_audio_stream_played_samples.

- Fix deadlock in Pulseaudio driver. Reported by Bluebird.

- Let al_set_sample_instance_playing work for unattached instances
and sample instances with no data set. Reported by Bluebird.

- Enable the use of the unpatched DirectX SDK to build.

Audio codec addon:

- Fix looping in Ogg Vorbis stream. (Todd Cope)

- Seeking in wavs would always have returned success.

Image addon:

- Fix many problems in Android native image loader, including:
supporting ALLEGRO_NO_PREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA, respecting the new bitmap
format, working for non-APK assets, not crashing on failure.

Native dialogs addon:

- Change native menu ids from int to uint16_t due to limitation with
Windows. (Matthew Leverton)

Primitives addon:

- Rename the primitives buffer flags.

- Simplify the prim buffer hints.

- Simplify the al_create_vertex_buffer API.

- Actually implement uninitialized vertex buffers.

- Add indexed buffer API.

- Polylines with ALLEGRO_LINE_CAP_CLOSED cap style did not draw correctly
with thickness == 0.

- Take into account the projection matrix when computing the scale of the
high level primitives.

- Replace enum arguments for al_draw_polyline and al_draw_polygon with
integers to reduce chance of ABI issues.

TTF addon:

- Fix a bug where some glyphs would be blank.

- Allow glyph allocation to fail without crashing.

Android port:

- Separate Allegro library Java code from the original example project for
Android (Jonathan Lilliemarck).

- Build Allegro library as a JAR.

- Rename Java package to

- Change how the application shared library is specified. Override the
AllegroActivity constructor instead of specifying in AndroidManifest.xml.

- Add a method to tell if the user exited main in the Android Java code.

- Add a fix for the case of launching another activity from your game on
Android and then returning to the game after it finishes.

- Refactoring and clean up.

iOS port:

- Remove al_iphone_get/set_screen_scale as not really needed and confusing.

Build system:

- Integrate Android port into build system, including building and launching
examples for debugging.

- Detect OpenGLES/2 libraries on Android.

- Let clang use same options as gcc in build system.


- Made the C-parser used in the Python API generator understand more type
constructs. (Elias Pschernig)


- Make demos and most examples run (somewhat) on Android.

- Add touch input support to various examples.

- New examples: ex_file, ex_haptic, ex_haptic2, ex_touch_input.

- ex_prim: Demonstrate indexed buffers.


- More more minor bug fixes and changes.

- Documentation updates.

- Syntax highlight the C source examples and prototypes in the documentation.

b206601c8099d0a3c2fddc52a595e1a7  allegro-
9a2c43e080cbcb8a88e6e4c955cf9613  allegro-5.1.8.tar.gz

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June 2007

As always, thanks for all your hard work in getting this release done.
I look forward to some kind and wonderful soul one day compiling some android binaries for this release. :D

Member #7,827
October 2006

Don't forget the most important improvement of all... we got the welcome.wav from A4 back!! Now Allegro users can feel properly welcomed.

Try this if you've got it at home ;):

./ex_mixer_pp data/welcome.wav

And after that, just:


to round up the night.

"For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow."-Ecclesiastes 1:18
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Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

Yay allegro! :D

SiegeLord said:

we got the welcome.wav from A4 back!! Now Allegro users can feel properly welcomed.

I miss the old scare_mouse() ;)

Max Savenkov
Member #4,613
May 2004

Changelog looks great! I will try new versions for iOS, Android and Windows when I have time.

Member #10,271
October 2008

Is there a roadmap for 5.2 anywhere?

I'm planning on just developing with the 5.1/5.2 branch, since I don't require much stability at the moment.

Member #5,213
November 2004

I'm doing my development on 5.1 and it's very nice, almost stable almost all of the time. And if something is strange then it's quickly fixed.

Member #10,271
October 2008

5.1 development it is, then!

I have a utility that I'm rewriting; it can be my guinea pig. Originally, it was written with the latest 5.0 at the time, so there shouldn't be any huge surprises. ;D

Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

Yippee! Time to git.

Thank you, everyone involved in making the new release.

Member #14,836
January 2013

Awesome! Thanks guys. ;D

William Labbett
Member #4,486
March 2004

Viva Allegro!

Member #2,229
April 2002

Anyone have a MinGW 4.7.0 build of this one yet? :)

Member #11,955
May 2010

I have it for MinGW 4.8.1. Video working fine.

Allegro 5.1.8 - MinGW 4.8.1 - Static

Member #2,229
April 2002

Thank you, maybe it's time for me to upgrade my MinGW. :)

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