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Snake on wine
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January 2011

nvm... I had an uninitialised boolean in the snake update, which defaults to false in debug mode, but no such luck in wine. Fixed.

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Johan Halmén
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September 2001

My first thought:

Serpent au vin

Years of thorough research have revealed that the red "x" that closes a window, really isn't red, but white on red background.

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Bruce Perry
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April 2000

J-Gamer said:

uninitialised boolean

And to think people actually try to defend those ridiculous languages where that can actually happen. :(

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October 2006

I'll defend C(++) happily :P

I think the "don't pay for what you don't use"-principle is great. Even if it means your variables aren't guaranteed to be initialized. Or in other words: if you don't need an initial value, you won't be forced to assign one. I agree there are few cases where it will actually make a difference, and that there are cases where you can forget initializing. If there is any importance to initialization, though, it deserves a place in the code. And having to call upon an obscure directive to disable initialization, or even not being able to do it, just seems like a misfeature to me.

Serpent au vin turned up 2 results in google. :-/ Apparently eaten in China and America.

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