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How do I find the ultimate games programmer?
Richard Phipps
Member #1,632
November 2001

Naw.. I'm not interested in doing games for a commercial company. Besides I don't know Java and am not that interested in the geekiness of that side of programming. ;)

Member #8,251
January 2007

i'd do it but i need at least $90k to make it worth my time+effort, 50k is not enough for a dead end game programing job imo

I'm hell of an awesome guy :)

Member #1,786
December 2001

It's probably a long shot but you could try contacting people who have already made a game in Java.

Freshmeat lists tons of open source projects.

Matias D'Ambrosio
Member #7,510
July 2006

While I can see that the offer is not for everybody, I find it very appealing, and I have sent a PM on the forum (I know you posted your email earlier in this thread, but I am reluctant to send unrequested emails :-) ).

Neil Walker
Member #210
April 2000

Not that it's any relevance, but I think runescape is a hideous game. Very poor graphics, slow servers, simplistic gameplay. And those online java games are pretty shoddy too, far worse than most you can find at your average 'free flash games' google search.

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Bruce Perry
Member #270
April 2000

Hmm, the RuneScape servers respond just fine for me. Your post does not cite its references. :-X

By the way, I suspect the quality of their current projects is more on the level of this or this perhaps. Not that I'd know anything, of course.

(I'm so going to get fired.)

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Member #6,203
September 2005

RuneScape was pretty bad for me, when I tried it out, but that was forever and a half ago.

Member #2,374
May 2002

If Wikipedia is to be believed, then RuneScape is the 10th most contentious subject ever. ;)

Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

Runscape is ok. But then, I'm not really worried about graphics when I play a game, I'm worried about having fun.

Member #7,536
July 2006

Runespace is awesome for what it is. A MMORPG written in Java designed to be played in a Web browser, with free and premium play options. :-/ It works just fine for me, though you do need an adequate PC to run an MMORPG in your Web browser.

I have a character somewhere around level 30. :D

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(I'm so going to get fired.)

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Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

Ha! level 41! WOO! I have less of a life than you! Wait... that's a bad thing... :'(

Dustin Dettmer
Member #3,935
October 2003

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September 2000

James Stanley is correct. If you are looking for ultimate programmers, ultimate programmers start at 100k USD plus benefits and work up from there.

At the salary you are posting, you're either looking for someone for a junior / newbie position (in which case they will not be "ultimate programmers"), or someone who likes making games enough to offset the 2-3x reduction in salary.

- Bob
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Member #9,191
October 2007

Dear All

Thank you for all your comments on this post. Unfortunately I am unable to check the forum as often as I would like given my already very busy job here ;-) and so would like to close this thread if possible - though I'm not sure if that can be done, hence me writing here to say bye for now ;D

I will endevour to check every once in a while, but should anyone have anything to add which they want me to hear, or indeed be interested in the role described - please feel free to contact me directly, my address is and put FAO Peter Lovell in the title.

Of course keep checking the website for more info if indeed you are interested too.

I would love to hear more from you all, and wish you all the best!

Thanks again all.

Member #1,816
January 2002

No, you can't close the thread, so I guess we'll just keep going until the thread dies its usual natural death (and closes after 7 days of inactivity).

Good luck trying to find a guru at amateur rates.

Member #8,643
May 2007

The dollar is now even less worth then before. Man, time to change everything into dollars, then, when its value rises, I sell and im rich! ;D

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