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Allegro Logo Challenge
Johan Halmén
Member #1,550
September 2001


it's no wonder that development of Allegro 5.0 has taken so many years..

But Allegro 5.0 was released five years ago. Unfortunately someone messed up with Allegro 5.0's time-space functions and we all are inside this stupid eternal loop.

Years of thorough research have revealed that the red "x" that closes a window, really isn't red, but white on red background.

Years of thorough research have revealed that what people find beautiful about the Mandelbrot set is not the set itself, but all the rest.

Member #1,090
July 2003

Hi, this is just a little reminder that we have taken this whole thing to the next level:

Still nothing "official", but if the process outlined in that thread comes up with a quality mascot, the chances seem to be high that it will get included within the lib.

So, if you haven't already done so, show your support by adding your mascot suggestions to that thread(read OP in there for details on how to make your suggestion).

If you previously suggested a mascot in here, please suggest it again in that thread and don't forget to add characteristics and reason why it should be the mascot.

Andrei Ellman
Member #3,434
April 2003

If we're going for a dinosaur as a mascot, I suggest 'Allegrosaurus'.


Don't let the illegitimates turn you into carbon.

Jonny Cook
Member #4,055
November 2003

I like Alex. :(

The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.

Paul whoknows
Member #5,081
September 2004

Our quest to find the holy allegro mascot has finally come to an end!


"The unlimited potential has been replaced by the concrete reality of what I programmed today." - Jordan Mechner.

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