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August 2002


I call fucking shenanigans. It would actually be cheaper if I lived outside Europe.

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January 2007

it's easy my friend:

if you are a regular videogame player, choose a NDS or a PSP
but if you are videogames adict AND a DEVELOPER, then choose the GP2X

the GP2X is not closed software like the PSP, and much more powerfull than the

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December 2002

It may have a better CPU, but the NDS is more portable, cooler looking, and has dual (with touch) screens. Plus it has wifi. All good points, at least for me.

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April 2005

I've just started the second CD of Final Fantasy VII in the train today, when going to work.
And that is something priceless than neither the GP2X or the NDS can afford ;D

BTW, how is the SNES, NeoGeo and N64 performing on the DS ? An "overclocked" (via software) PSP at 333Mhz has already some trouble with the emulation speed, so how does a 66Mhz perform ?


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Matt Smith
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November 2000

66Mhz? A DS is 16Mhz (by 2 cpu) This can be overclocked to 32Mhz with a wee blob o' solder. I would not expect to emulate anything more than an Atari 2600 or Vic 20 with this.

A gp2x has 2x 200, 240, or 266Mhz cpus. AFAIK, the SNES emulation is near perfect (and has been since the 1 cpu 120Mhz gp32) but the newer platforms would present more of a challenge. The 2nd cpu probably helps a lot for emulating sound chips etc.

January 2001

Wikipedia said:

CPUs: Two ARM processors, an ARM946E-S main CPU and ARM7TDMI co-processor at clock speeds of 67 MHz and 33 MHz respectively, with 4 MB of main memory which requires 1.65 volts.

From Wikipedia. It is basically a weak N64 (Nintendo keeps handheld gaming one generation behind home consoles). I would say it could emulate NES and Master System games without problem.

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Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

It will also handle some SNES games I hear. I wonder if a emulator coded and optimized for the DS instead of the GBA hardware would fare better?

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Jakub Wasilewski
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June 2003


AFAIK, the SNES emulation is near perfect (and has been since the 1 cpu 120Mhz gp32) but the newer platforms would present more of a challenge.

I have also played Metal Slug (which is a NeoGeo game) on the GP2X, and didn't notice any major differences in framerate from the arcade. It was quite enjoyable.

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December 2002

Can the DS run some older Mame roms?

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