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Allegro 5 Development Discussion
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December 2001


GBA too!!!

YES! Gba support is more of a must, there already exists a free gcc compiler for GBA. I tried coding for the GBA, but i quickly got annoyed because doing some basic stuff like clearing the screen, displaying and loading images were a pain in the a$$. All in all i ended up quitting GBA coding, so we SHOULD make a GBA port.
Ppl (not just the underground 8 bit coders) would acctually be interested in coding for it.

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March 2001

Don't you need some sort of hardware for GBA coding though? Flash cards or somethng? I would still prefer the DC. Nothing would bring me greater joy than playing a creation of mine on a big-screen TV 8-) Plus it's just got more oomph; anything I can code for GBA I can code for my PC. The DC on the other hand can do some very nice graphics; that alone makes me salivate.

Of course, I understand the user base for GBA is probably bigger than DC. How about PS2 then? ;)

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Thomas Harte
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April 2000

No, you can program for the GBA using just one lead, thanks to the hardware GBA feature intended to allow link up games with only one cartridge.

I would get into it if I could afford a GBA and trusted my money to the cable suppliers.

Also, we'll already have an instant PS2 port once an SDL driver for Allegro is written. I hope to write one for Allegro 5 if no-one else will.

Eskimo Ninja
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April 2001

You don't even need a lead to program games for the GBA, just compile them into the GBA ROM format, and use an emulator (I use Boycott Advance) to run them...

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