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Rafal Szyja

hmm.. allegro 5 is coming up?


Why in the Allegro 5 version

DOS port removed?


can you give me instructions how to create my

own makefile for compilation in DJGPP and DOS

DOS is very usefull why you removed it?

And how to make a DOS port version? by myselft?


where can i download the Version 5 of Allegro? :P



dos is good but is steadily dying, just switch to linux or windows 2k+:P


Or just keep using Allegro 4.x if you insist on DOS support.

I think (not sure) the DOS port is being dropped from 5.0 because the new rewrite has features DOS doesn't support easily, or at all. Someone else can come up with a list, but I believe it includes things like dual-monitor support. So you really can't port it. That's, y'know, why it's being dropped ;)

Stick with 4.x.


Who said the DOS port would be removed?


That's what lwithers said the last time this came up. If it's not being dropped, then where on Earth are people getting this from? It's very confusing :-/

Member #12

DOS support is obviously going to be removed, so developers can concentrate on more interesting platform targets like Spectrum 128K (48K support will come in 5.2).

Matthew Leverton

And I've been working on the C64 port. :) Although currently, it requires the 256K ram expansion card.

Richard Phipps

How can you possibly consider doing a Spectrum Port?? ..... When you haven't invited the esteemed Matt Smith to help you?! His knowledge (and famous spectrum games) will be invaluable to you all..


David Grace

C64? Dang it, how long will I have to wait for VIC-20 support?

I mean, you Allegro gods should be able to do plenty inside of 4k. (Though I hear you can gain another 384 bytes by using the cassette IO buffer.)


Bah. That's time wasted that could be spent on DC/XBox/GBA ports.
(I can't tell if you guys are being serious or not :P)


Yes, Chris. I'm sure that Allegro is being ported to 20-yer-old computers. While we're at it, why don't we do a UNIVAC port too?

Thomas Fjellstrom

If you have a UNIVAC, I'd like to see you not go insane while porting allegro to it :) heck allegro's driver vtables probably fill up its memory. :)


Sorry, I never said the DOS support would be dropped. In fact I made it explicitly clear that I was not saying whether there would or would not be DOS support. Please read more carefully.


I didn't say you said that; I said you said what Bob said. Please read more carefully ;)

Daniel Schlyder

Wow! C64 had a 256K ram upgrade? :o Was there any games that took advantage of it? I still remember the disk drive I bought. Best hardware upgrade ever!!! :-) No more half-hours waiting for Gauntlet to crash just before it finished loading. :-)

This new mailing list got me thinking. If it can be set up so easily, why isn't the Allegro conductors list moved to Sourceforge so it can be archived? Would be nice...

Rafal Szyja

Yeah... C64 support - that's GOOD - YOU KNOW -
this is in fact the best 8bit computer on the GLOBE! I'm not kidding !!!

but why you are going to remove DOS support in the future ? as YOU said - DOS port is the most stable ONE!

are you MAD or WHAT?
DOS is cool!
Allegro is cool!


Richard Phipps

I propose.. the future:

Spectrum Allegro v1.0

A complete graphic library for the popular Spectrum Computer! Amazing basic style commands and a wide range of features. It's now possible for ordinary people to create amazing games with a simple knowledge of basic/machine code.

Check out the included examples on tapes 33-38 of the 63 tape set by some famous allegro coders:

  • Johan Peitz contributed a port of his icy tower to the Spectrum. Featuring highly detailed 2 colour graphics and a special theme song in 3 warbly chip sound channels based on the original ingame music. How high can you flip the screen up the tower?

  • Richard Phipps contributed SpeccyPaint, a 2 colour masterpiece of a paint program. Featuring an internal buffer of 1 bit graphics shown on an entirely different 1 bit buffer. Amazing contrast control, choose from black and white with a full 1 bit range. Richard also contributed to the core routines with some important hacks, patches and bug fixes to get around his original bugs and mistakes.

  • Bob contributed his powerful SBlend routines. Amazing alpha blend effects in full 1 bit colour. All at incredibly fast speeds for a 1MHZ machine. Frame rate for full screen blends is now approaching 2FPM in the latest version!

  • Thomas Fjellstrom created the special linux speccy setup, CrashHat. (Warning, most versions will require a special tape player capable of playing tapes bigger than 128k).

  • 23yrdold3yrold created the demo game. A flip screen Monty Mole on the run platform game with special curved platforms. Chris is also the author of the Spectrum demo A Brief History of Spam. Featuring the worlds longest ever spamming scrolltext. Weighing in at a massive 96 hours due to very clever compression and random repeating sections.

  • Thomas Harte contributed to the special DirectS overlay functions, enabling the spectrum version of Allegro to work on normal TV's!

  • Shawn Hargreaves wrote most of the core routines in specially optimised Z80 machine code. He was helpfully assisted by Spellcaster and Thomas Harte for the final core library, after they decided to rewrite 5 earlier versions of the core routines due to 'internal disagreements' of a DirectS nature.

  • Matt Smith generously provided the fast and creative sprite routines. As well as the palette control routines. See Example 5, "Scrolling Dot Rope" for a special routine created by Matt.

Try Spectrum Allegro now!


DOS, KQ and Tench Forever!!!!


DC/XBox/GBA ports.

Yes!!! GBA too!!!


because the new rewrite has features DOS doesn't support easily

What rewrites?

Thomas Fjellstrom

What rewrites?

Allegro 5 will have an entierly new API. And some of the new features won't be supported under DOS..

Richard> ROFLMAO.

btw. whats a 'special linux speccy setup'?


Allegro 5 will have an entierly new API.

This is why I wonder when people say things like "The DOS port is staying in Allegro 5.0 since it's already done and works great". Since AFAIK a lot of the code is being redone from scratch, that argument kinda falls flat ....


Yes, Chris. I'm sure that Allegro is being ported to 20-yer-old computers.

If someone who loves the Spectrum 128K or something and can do it, I wouldn't doubt it. Hell, Shawn ported Allegro to the X-Box just for fun. That's h4rdc0r3!! ;D

Mind you, I have no clue what a Spectrum 128K is (hardware idiot, remember?) Is this the first wave of Palladium systems? :P ;)

Thomas Fjellstrom

Since AFAIK a lot of the code is being redone from scratch, that argument kinda falls flat

Alot of the code will not be rewritten, like the drivers for hardware etc... The reason for the new API is so that features can be added in a non-hackish way, like having multiple 'screen's.

Richard Phipps

Thank you Thomas.. It seems like you are the only one who got the Spectrum Allegro Joke.. :P :D

Chris: The Spectrum was the first mass produced home computer in Britain. Made by a technological genius, but unfortunately he was also a business bufoon.

(If you want some proof of his skills, he also invented the worlds first portable TV (before LCD technology was available), the worlds first Digital display watch (LED's rather than LCD's) and other things, such as the first electric bikes/scooters (you can't call the C5 a car!)..


Anyway, the speccy (or spectrum):

It was out before the C64 and the atari/apple computers. It had 2 colour graphics, but each 8 x 8 character block could have it's own choice of 2 colours. The resolution was better than C64/Atari Computers because of the low colours too..

If you want to see some pics of the games, have a look at:

(you can tell it was a popular computer because this site has ingame screenshots from 749 games.. :) )

And to my mind, Matt Smith created one of the greatest ever games on it... yes I am a Jet Set Willy fan! ;)

Sorry Matt, but.. bows down! ;D

Thomas Harte

I think you undersell the Spectrum a bit. Remember also that it had a CPU that was substantially faster (not just in cycle terms, in terms of what you could calculate in the real world) and more flexible than that of the Atari/Apple. This, coupled with the fact that it had a genuine frame buffer made it much nicer for most types of graphics above the simple sprite/background sort - see the way that isometric games were pioneered on the Spectrum, and some popular 3d titles such as Virus have their only 8bit incarnation on the Spectrum. Even if the Spectrum version is rubbish!

People who are still making ZX Spectrum demos seem to be able to match anything I could do on a 486 PC, including voxel landscapes, fast filled polygon worlds with environment mapping, and so on.

If you really want to make things unbearable for yourself, you can see it all via my Allegro powered Spectrum emulator, long dead and never listed, but kept for no apparent reason at


GBA too!!!

YES! Gba support is more of a must, there already exists a free gcc compiler for GBA. I tried coding for the GBA, but i quickly got annoyed because doing some basic stuff like clearing the screen, displaying and loading images were a pain in the a$$. All in all i ended up quitting GBA coding, so we SHOULD make a GBA port.
Ppl (not just the underground 8 bit coders) would acctually be interested in coding for it.


Don't you need some sort of hardware for GBA coding though? Flash cards or somethng? I would still prefer the DC. Nothing would bring me greater joy than playing a creation of mine on a big-screen TV 8-) Plus it's just got more oomph; anything I can code for GBA I can code for my PC. The DC on the other hand can do some very nice graphics; that alone makes me salivate.

Of course, I understand the user base for GBA is probably bigger than DC. How about PS2 then? ;)

Thomas Harte

No, you can program for the GBA using just one lead, thanks to the hardware GBA feature intended to allow link up games with only one cartridge.

I would get into it if I could afford a GBA and trusted my money to the cable suppliers.

Also, we'll already have an instant PS2 port once an SDL driver for Allegro is written. I hope to write one for Allegro 5 if no-one else will.

Eskimo Ninja

You don't even need a lead to program games for the GBA, just compile them into the GBA ROM format, and use an emulator (I use Boycott Advance) to run them...

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