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Depot Games: ÜberPong-Demo

Current Version: 0.9

Project Status: Demo Release

Links: Web Site, Great Games Experiment, Indie Game Developers Showcase

Category: Pong

Developers: Pier

Number of Players: 2

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Welcome to the realms of ÜberPong, a bizarre place where only those with great skills and quick reflexes come out victorious.
Pick one of the top contenders in the galaxy and take him to conquer all tournaments. It's up to you to achieve ecstasy through victory or taste the agony of defeat!
The objective of the game is to become the best über-player in the entire galaxy. In order to achieve this, you have in your hands the latest in elastic-paddle technology that will allow you to control the speed, bounce and direction of the ball at will.
The encounters are regulated under the popular Mexican rule of three-O-five (3-0-5). That is, the first player that obtains three goals in a row, without letting the opponent score, will win; otherwise the first player to score five points will be declared the winner of the match.
Master all techniques until you've become a legend as the greatest über-player of all times!

Game characteristics:
2D gameplay in 3D pre-rendred worlds.
Comic style art for the characters and the endings.
6 main characters (plus some secret ones), each with unique story and art.
One world per character, with 3 variations per world.
8 items to alter the properties of the game.
Database for up to 10 different users.
4 cups with 3 types of difficulty.
Multiple languages to choose from.
Play with one or two players in tournament or versus modes.
Play with either keyboard or joystick/gamepads.
10 great psycho-trance and techno songs, composed specially for the game by talented musicians from Mexico and Norway.

Demo version characteristics:
One or two players versus mode (tournament mode not included).
Two complete worlds (includes the 3 variations).
Two selectable characters.
Three items.
5 languages: English, Español, Française, Deutch, Norsk.
Support for keyboard and joystick/gamepads.
No database support.
No Linux support.

The project's webpage hasn't been updated in quite a while (we'll probably do it soon), so for more recent information please visit:
The demo can be download from:


Name Comments Size Date
uberpong_demo.exe Windows Binary 28,542,112 05/29/2007 3:26 PM
Start Screen (not in demo)
Start Screen (not in demo)
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 7.0
  • 7No Pong game can be worth 28MB, but this one does show promise. The elastic string paddles actually add some skill to the game. However, the action doesn't feel very smooth and the ball bounces very unnaturally off some of the level's obstacles.
The Developer
PierHi! Visit my website for info about me. (View Profile)