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Depot Games: Zasx

Current Version: 1.30

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Asteroids

Developers: Bob

Ports: DOS, Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: My SpeedHack 2001 entry - It's an Asteroids style game. The goal is simple: clear the asteroid fields wave after wave. Sounds easy? Think again.

Zasx 1.30-final. Download your copy now!

Update (05-Oct-2001):

Last bugs squashed. New asteroid graphics and instruction manual done.

Update (29-Aug-2001):

I got the sound track from bdavis, and some new asteroid graphics. Expect the game to be released shortly.

Old updates:
I've corrected the "gameover takes 1 sec to appear correctly" bug. I also UPX packed the Allegro DLL and the executable. Saves 20 KB on the download and 500 KB on disk!

640x480x8 with full frame animations
color additive effects
2 player mode
full instruction manual

Source code and Windows self-extracting install are available.
However, Zasx is compilable for DOS, BeOS and Linux.

Changes from 1.30-beta to 1.30-final:
* New asteroid graphics
* Instruction manual
* New sound track
* Bugs fixed
* Self-extracting installer

Changes from 1.12 to 1.30-beta:
* New input code.
* Dirty Rectangles
* Added laser, dual and tripple laser power ups.
* Remade power-up graphics with POV-Ray. Now only are they nicer, but they're animated!
* Remade ship graphics (gotta love the GIMP)
* Control setup.
* Major code speed up (+ 20%)
* Fixed numerous display bugs
* Two player mode.
* Automatic weapon switching
* Better balanced weapons
* Load time halved.

Changes from 1.01 to 1.12:
* Major bugs fixed
* Using PPCol now, so collision detection works
* Added a weapon system, so now I can have more than one weapon
* Added a player system. 2 player mode is not implemented, but should be trivial now.
* Sped up slightly the display code.
* Support for any resolution/color depth.


Name Comments Size Date
zasx130.exe The Game 896,283 11/23/2005 9:10 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.7
  • 6Awesome game, man. Unfortunately I suck at it. Really addictive though.
  • 8Very good game. An EXCELLENT Speedhack game. I did notice a few bugs on my system that kept me from giving the game a 5. Otherwise, great job!
  • 8This is easily one of the better asteroids-type games ever! Especially for a speed hack, it's REALLY good. You're very tallented.
The Developer
BobGPU Architect Engineer - that's what they call it here. (View Profile)