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Depot Games: The Next Train

Current Version: 1.0.1

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site,,

Category: Strategy

Developers: tobing

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: This will be a clone (more or less) of the good old DOS game called A-Train, developped by ArtDink and published by Maxis around 1991. I cannot get the old thing run in colors (black&white is OK with DOSBox), so I decided to try some game programming and re-do it. Mainly for my own pleasure, to learn about game programming, and to make this nice game again available for people interested in that game.

Features planned for version 1.0 are complete. There comes a readme with the install which has some infos about how the game works. Have fun!

Please report bugs, comments or any ideas for enhancement to the author.

Uploaded sources to build tntrain. You need to modify allegro 4.2.1 with the changes that are provided. Nothing spectacular, but it means you have to build allegro yourself. There's no makefile, since I'm using MSVC for this. If you send me a working makefile I'll be happy to add this to the archives.


Name Comments Size Date Changes to allegro 4.2.1 required for tntrain. 18,656 07/24/2007 8:36 AM Complete sources for tntrain. YOu need the changes to allegro 4.2.1 and the sources from gfwk as well. 91,269 07/24/2007 8:26 AM Complete sources for gfwk, includes test and example program. 27,675 07/24/2007 8:25 AM
tnt-1.0.1-setup.exe moved the installer to my new game site. 608,339 01/16/2007 11:36 AM

What's New:

Bugfixes, and gameplay fix: The game will be lost if debts become too high.

First version complete. See accompanying readme for some instructions how to play the game.

This version is the first alpha version, all planned features for 1.0 are in place and should work fine. The next steps are internal cleanup, solidification of the internal savegame file format and some beautifications of the GUI. Ah well, a manual is also missing...

About 80% feature complete, in addition to lay tracks, build stations and let trains roll you can now build appartment buildings to increase your population. The game is balanced to match the original game feeling, so you can really build a city now, but it is not very easy to do.

If you have problems, please send me a mail or post into the forum. Thanks!

ABout 70% feature complete, you can now lay tracks, build stations and let trains roll. If you have problems, please send me a mail or post into the forum. Thanks!

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 4.0
  • 4Although this game works well, it is extremely difficult and not very intuitive. I love simulation games and I had a small amount of fun, but the actual gameplay value should be labeled "annoying". You'll have to read the documentation to figure out this game. No music. A little polish could help.
The Developer
tobingStudied mathematics, I'm now a software developer by profession (not game industry), and dedicated to City Building games. See also my website. Coding C++ since 1992, several years of background in global optimization problems. (View Profile)