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Depot Games: Tank It!

Current Version: 0.9

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Arcade

Developers: Daniel McKinnon

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: A 3D Kill-or-be-killed free-for-all tank shoot-em-up using AllegGL.

Includes split-screen upto 4 players.
Extensively Customizable Gameplay.

Almost complete. All I need is joystick / gamepad code. If anyone is interested please E-Mail me and I'll give you directions as to how to implement such a thing. I imagine it would be rather simple.

Updated Windows Binaries!

To Jim Kewl: (and others)
Don't bash my game because you found a bug, why don't you E-Mail me and tell me that the game doesn't work properly on your system. This game needs a 3D accelerator. I only have an AMDK6-2 450mhz with a Voodoo 3, and I get a good 80fps. This game is by far no technical feat, but please, it hurts when somebody finally reviews my game and says that it's no good just because of hardware limitations.
Please E-Mail me Jim and I'll try to work something out.


Name Comments Size Date
tankit.tar.gz Linux Binary 1,157,209 11/23/2005 9:17 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.0
  • 6I have a 400mhz celeron, and the game ran super smooth, geforce 2mx. About the game great graphics, but it was a bit glitchy with me, and the controls were confusing(until i set them).Good tank game and the only opengl one ive seen here (its not the best though)
  • 8Unlike our friend Jim here, I have a 433mhz Piece 'O crap Compaq computer. And it still ran the game at 60fps. Its in OpenGL. Fine use of 3d, a little more work needs to be done to the texturing. But I say its cool.
  • 4Immense environment, many trees and enemies. But even with it's terrible lack of detail it runs 2 fps on my p2/333mhz. Is everyone coding so you need 2ghz to run programs?
The Developer
Daniel McKinnon
Daniel McKinnonI love 2D video games. Ever since I was 5 years old and I saw the back of the Nintendo box, I knew I wanted to learn how to make video games. I tought myself when I was 8 and I still love doing it today. (View Profile)