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Depot Games: Tactical VCR 2

Current Version: 2beta

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: relic


Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Tactical VCR (Video Combat Recording) version 2 is my second attempt to create a good mass combat system for VGA Planets v3.x.

TVCR2 is a top down 2d battle sim, and my largest allegro project so far. The project's link has quite a few early screen shots of TVCR2.

TVCR2 creates battles of the over 100 ship types, between the 11 different races, by having the user allocate ships to whichever race you wish to fight, then creating and viewing the battles. The battle sim system is functional.

A basic state based AI is used to control the ships so they don't simply go and slug it out at point blank range (unless ordered to). This allows battles with the same ships and different tactics to produce quite different results.

I am currently trying to test a wide variety of tactics and ships, and would appreciate any help at this, since it is such a big task. It is also a necessary task to eliminate any possible problems before it is used in actual games.

It is important to read the readme with these files if you want to test it, as this program does NOT use timers due to the necessity of showing ALL combat details. This means it does run quite slow on old computers when you do major battles like 35 carriers w/fighters vs 35 carriers w/fighters. Most 10-20 ship battles move along quite nicely on a p100.

Current links to the files to run TVCR2 (win32 full screen 800x600 8bit) are...

***** NOTE: For some reason IE (haven't checked others) will not get you to the proper link. Not sure if there is an external link to file blocker on tripod, but you can get the files if you go to first. Not sure why this is necessary in some cases but it is. ***** contains the readme.tvcr and the latest tactview.exe win32 program file. contains the latest tvcr2.dat file and alleg40.dll for TVCR2.

Updates on these files are a bit erratic, depending on how much is accomplished at any given time.

If you don't play VGA Planets v3.x you will need the standard data files for the game which can be found at...

If you want to test this you need only to unpack those 3 files in a directory and run "tactview.exe".

Source code for TVCR2 is NOT available.

Any and all feedback can be sent to


Name Comments Size Date Support File/DAT file 1,353,075 11/23/2005 9:25 PM
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