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Depot Games: Super Minesweeper

Current Version: 1.14

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site, Download Page

Category: Puzzle

Developers: Kris Asick

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Super Minesweeper takes sweeping for mines to a whole new level! Or to be more precise, to several new levels!

There are seven various styles of gameplay, each one serving up a new challenge. These styles include the classic gameplay any Minesweeper player knows of, plus six others: Flagless, Backwards, Multi-Mine, Moving Mines, Endurance, and Mega Mines.

There are also over 150 boards to challenge you. These boards include various patterns of squares, rectangles, hexagons, and other unique and bizarre shapes that will keep your brain moving!

But don't worry if you hit a mine. All is not lost when a mine blows up because you simply gain a time or score penalty instead of a "Game Over"! The game continues until the board is cleared, no matter how many mines you hit along the way!

There are plenty of special effects too and you can change the colors to your hearts content!


Name Comments Size Date
smine114_install.exe Super Minesweeper v1.14 Freeware Download 1,796,746 08/01/2021 7:20 PM

What's New:

* The game is now FREEWARE!
* Added various command line arguments to assist with getting it working on modern systems as its age makes it kind of a pain to get working right.

* Expansion boards now included with full version for free (patch update also adds them)
* Updated pricing of full version (now $7.95)
* Updated Allegro version

* Fixed performance issues on some systems by implementing new input handling and timer routines and by removing vsyncing.
* Colour schemes and high scores now saved in more appropriate locations for increased compatability with Vista or networked systems.
* A few new colour schemes have been added.
* Nag screen only shows up when you quit now and never when you begin a new game.

* The menus are friendly now instead of temperamental.
* Added the new Pixelmusement company logo to the startup.
* Added a "Buy Now" button into the shareware version.

Exploding Fun!
Exploding Fun!
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.5
  • 9A very fun game with a lot of nice new twists on Minesweeper, while still feeling like Minesweeper. The effects are good too. The only thing I didn't like was the GUI, the rest was good.
  • 8A very nice Minesweeper game with lots of gameplay options. As far as gameplay, sounds and general polish goes, this is a very good game, but the GUI and the graphics make it look like it was made in 1994 or something. For a game you have to pay for it could have been better...
The Developer
Kris Asick
Kris AsickI've been programming professionally since 2002 and am the indie designer, programmer, artist, musician, etc. behind Pixelmusement, dedicated to making great (and addictive) games for years to come. I also host a web show called "Ancient DOS Games". (View Profile)