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Depot Games: Space: A Side-Scroller

Current Version: 0.12

Project Status: Abandoned

Links: Web Site, The Game

Category: Arcade

Developers: Connelly Barnes

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: A fast paced, extremely playable space combat game. Includes a blended particle engine and nice 640x480x16 graphics. Has 3 levels, 13 enemy types and 2 end-level bosses so far. Though the title is pretty lame (think of something better), the game itself is totally addictive.

The download size may seem to be getting somewhat large (610k), but keep in mind that the Dos/DirectX/OpenGL versions are all included in the one .zip file.

As of May 14: Added sound and music effects. Note that the Allegro DirectSound panning code in Windows is incorrect, so the panning will lock to left/center/right. This is fixed in the OpenGL version, which is essentially a native emulation of some Allegro functions in GL without the annoying .dll files.

Absolutely requires an extremely fast CPU (600 MHz or above for good framerates) and 32+ megs of RAM. Includes DOS/DJGPP, Win/DirectX, and Win/OpenGL versions. You can probably compile the source code to any other architecture if you'd like. The DirectX version no longer requires all*.dll; DLLs suck.



Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary & Source Code 2,318,449 05/29/2007 4:30 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.8
  • 9Nice gameplay, smooth graphics = good side-scroller. Its all only about shooting, but if you like that kind of game its great ! I played OpenGl version, looks very nice.
  • 10super game! I first played the opengl version that looked pretty bad(a white screen with a fighter and invisible shoots) then I tryed the Directx one that looked great!
  • 10Great lighting effects, lots of mad shooting fun. A must for side-scroller fans.
The Developer
Connelly Barnes
Connelly BarnesI am a code hacker. I love Python. It is slower than C, but makes you 10x as productive as a coder. One can code time-critical loops in C, and everything else in Python. It is worth your time to learn it. (View Profile)