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Depot Games: Paintball Party 2

Current Version: 0.856

Project Status: Beta Release

Links: Web Site

Category: Platform

Developers: Todd Cope

Number of Players: 8 (Direct IP (LAN/Internet))

Ports: Linux

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Paintball Party 2 is the sequel to Paintball Party, a multiplayer action platformer for all ages. This demo has 4 multiplayer game modes and includes network play for up to 16 players in addition to the usual 4 player split-screen mode.

Support for legacy content is built-in so you can use the loads of content already available from Paintball Party.

This is just a taste of what's to come. The final version will have more game modes, more content, and additional features.

What's New:

Fixed targetting rectangle rendering incorrectly when camera z-position not at 0.0.

Fixed bugs in in-game typing indicator.

Fixed bug in coin object handling which caused the collision tilemap to get corrupted.

Allow changing the display size even when the current size is not set to one of the built-in settings.

Added extra controller binding for showing the scoreboard. This can be used in addition to the tilde (~) key to display the scores while in the game.

When the game is over, the scoreboard is now displayed.

When setting up a controller, controller menu navigation is now temporarily disabled to prevent unwanted menu interaction.

Improved scoreboard display.

Added four new characters.

Fixed bug in legacy level loader which caused the game to crash if there were any animated tiles with changing properties.

Updated version number.

Removed unused song from the package.

Disabled processing local controls in the interface (menus, etc.) while a chat message is being typed. This will prevent things from being selected accidentally while chatting.

Finished implementing version checking for network play. If the versions for the server and client don't match, a message is displayed and the client is disconnected.

Added support for per-song gain to the T3F music system.

Fixed potential garbage around sprite graphics due to not clearing the atlas texture before putting sprites on it (T3F).

Added credits for level designers.

Fixed demo system causing error messages to pop up when it encounters an incompatible replay. Incompatible relpays are supposed to be silently skipped in the demo system.

Replaced empty player graphic used in split screen mode with something that matches the art style of the rest of the game.

Provided proper icons for Mac OS X port.

Trent Gamblin patched a bug in Allegro which caused the game to hang at startup when more than one of the same model of joystick was hooked up at the same time.

Improved full screen support. The aspect ratio of the display is now preserved.

Changed full screen handling in Mac OS X port so that it sets a full screen mode that matches the size of the desktop.

Added more Resolution options to the Video menu.

Improved Video options operations.

Update Debian control file with information that matches the current version of the game.

Double the size of the network input buffer to decrease the likelihood of a desync.

On the off chance that a client becomes desynced, that client will now inform the server that it has been desynced and the server will remove that player from the game.

Added typing indicator so players can tell when other players are trying to type a message.

Empty chat messages are no longer sent.

Fixed bug which caused the network Player Setup screen to show instead of the local one after the user disconnected from the server.

Changed chat message color from green to yellow.

Fix bug in message handler which could cause glitches when messages are removed.

Lightened text shadows.

Modified default keyboard controls. The default keys didn't work well on Mac OS X.

Fixed missing solid tile in Mike Two level.

Added some markings to the Retro Crush level to make it appear cleaner on the radar.

Modified Retro Crush graphics. Still needs a lot of work.

Added camera zooming effect for when a player is fragged.

Fixed bug in replay code that caused replays to play back incorrectly after a rewind operation was used.

Fixed player targeting another player when seeker was the last used weapon by that player when their ammo ran out.

Players no longer get frags for killing themselves.

Players can no longer be hit while spawning.

Fixed order of rendering so that HUD items are displayed over everything else.

Targeting sound no longer plays when player is untargeting.

Removed Randomize Items option from the Custom game Settings menu.

Added Stomping option to the Custom game Settings menu.

Added revision checking to replay system. Replays from previous versions will no longer play due to some gameplay changes that would make them play back incorrectly.

Added scoreboard. Now users can view the current standings by pressing the tilde (~) key.

Fixed crash when selecting the Profiles menu item from the main menu under certain conditions.

Fixed bug in the messaging system that caused some multi-line messages to display incorrectly.

Fixed bug in server list menu which caused the game to crash when the server list couldn't not be retrieved.

Display error message when the game is unable to retrieve the server list.

Fixed crash at startup when legacy levels present.

Removed debug information that was left in by accident.

Fixed paintball trails displaying with wrong graphics.

Fixed some issues with the server list PHP code. Your server should now stay listed for as long as you have it open.

The server list menu is no longer shown when selecting Join Game if there are currently no servers listed. A message is shown instead.

Cleaned up server code a bit.

Selecting a level that does not have enough portals for the number of players currently in the game is no longer allowed.

Added theater mode. You can now select multiple replays and they will be played back to back.

Fixed memory leaks.

Added ability to navigate the menus without the mouse.

Fixed crash at game over for all players not on the same machine as the winner.

Winner's camera is now shown to all clients when playing online.

Fixed crash bug when attempting to do a rematch or play again when playing online.

Added Autodetect option to Controllers menu. This allows you to reset the controls to the default which uses all available joysticks and fills in the rest with keyboard controls.

If user hasn't configured a Network ID, they will now be asked for one when using the Play Online menu option.

Fix some things in T3F which affected the game.

Fixed turbo powerup.

Fixed player collision object generation. Now the objects will be the same width and have the same bottom position regardless of how they are defined in the character file. This is to prevent gameplay anomalies such as not being able to jump down through a semi-solid platform when the player is close to a wall.

Fixed proximity mines.

Improved paintball deflection code.

Player's can no longer take damage after a winner has been determined.

Fixed seekers taking the long way around to track a player.

Player names are now shown in-game so you can see who everyone is.

Store player names in the replay file. This way you can see who's who in the replay.

Targeted player is now highlighted and the targeting sound is played when the target is changed.

Fixed issue in JoyNet which caused player selections to be reset whenever a new player was connected to the game.

Fixed issue which caused the game to not start properly after a replay failed to open.

Fixed positioning of characters on the player setup screen.

Better end game handling for non-master clients in online play.

Improved player setup screen in online play.

Added more in-game sounds.

Improved player-to-player collision handling. Players can now bump each other up from below or jump off each others heads.

Fixed players getting stuck on wall when standing on a conveyor platform.

Fixed player velocity handling after player received a push that increased the velocity to above the player's current maximum speed. This fixes player's sudden stopping when walking after being pushed by a spring.

Changed Quick Play 2 Minute Deathmatch. Now players only start with 1 life point.

Adding particles for fly powerup.

Game timer is now stopped after winner is chosen in timed matches.

Semi-solid platforms that are at the bottom of the map are now converted to full solid platforms so players can't jump down through them and off the map.

Improved level selection in online play.

Level preference is now stored in the main configuration file instead of the profiles.

Fixed positioning of paintball splat particles.

Added new game mode: Jump and Bump.

Server name is now remembered so you don't need to retype it each time you host an online game.

Updated credits.

Fixed players not being reset when connection to server is lost.

Fixed bug which caused some of the legacy levels to not work.

Game results are now displayed when a winner has been determined.

Enhanced interface visuals.

Added player stats screen.

Added awards system. Awards are handed out at the end of each match and are shown along with the overall winner.

Fixed issue with replay rewind which could cause the music engine to crash.

Switched to premultiplied alpha rendering.

Added paintball trails.

Changed where profiles are stored. Now they are stored in the data location instead of the config location since they are not user-editable files.

Added display icon.

Fixed glitch which caused mines to be set to the wrong angle after landing.

Mines now fall to ground if the wall or ceiling they were sticking to disappears.

Added targeting reticule for seekers.

Updated credits.

Added background and foreground images to level format.

Fixed level saving routine. It wasn't saving everything.

Tilemap engine now only renders tile 0 if the layer is solid.

Improved collision map format by only writing the data we are using for the game. This significantly reduces the size of the level files.

Removed arbitrary file count limits for all supported file types. This means you can now have as many music, character, level, and replay files as you want without hitting a hard limit.

Added support for looking in additional locations for music.

Added new game option for determining how much an ammo powerup is worth.

All quick play modes that use weapons now start with one of each ammo type and give one paintball for each ammo powerup picked up.

Set default options before loading config file so we can gaurantee starting options are set to something sane.

Fixed bug which could cause the game to crash on the level setup screen if the previously selected level is no longer available. This could be caused by a level file being erased or overwritten.

Moved level and character INI files into data folder since they are not meant to be edited by the user.

Made it possible to make 1-way platforms that player's can't jump through from the top.

Made it possible to jump through semi-solid platforms while a player has a fly powerup.

Made the game load faster by allowing the music stream to be drained from the music playback thread when changing songs.

Added music to the results screen.

Improved T^3 intro screen.

Moved in-game timer to top-center.

Added in-game radar system.

Fixed freeze bug triggered when player tries to switch weapons when they have no ammo.

Implemented weapon HUD display. Current weapon is now displayed above the player's head.

Fixed bug which made it impossible to get into the game after a demo had played.

Fixed crash bug triggered when client is disconnected from server.

Fixed potential random number desynchronization which could lead to incorrect replay playback and network game desynchronization.

Deflected sticky paintballs are now destroyed.

Added some space in the level format for extra collision tilemaps and script objects.

Added step mode to replay system. Now you can freeze-frame and step forward or backward one frame at a time.

Added LAN play option.

Start with full stock of all ammo types in Explore mode.

Fixed clipping bug which was causing split-screen to not be displayed correctly under certain circumstances.

Fixed issues with changing the window size and toggling full screen.

Fixed bugs in Quick Play 2 Minute Deathmatch menu option. Time limit is now set to 2 minutes, starting life to 5 hits, and frags to win is 20 (or highest score when time runs out).

Fixed seekers. Now they seek the closest player instead of the first player.

Integrated network play features with Now your hosted game will be visible to everyone in the world.

Removed dedicated server application. This may come back at a later date but it isn't really that useful at the moment.

Made new T^3 Logo screen using some of the WIP content.

Made new title screen using some of the WIP content.

Swapped some of the in-game graphics with the new WIP content.

Added credits system.

Added demo playback system.

Replay system now saves replays using the current date and time.

Made a few UI improvements.

Moved in-game BGM music out of the 'levels' folders and into 'data/music/bgm' to make way for new music selection system.

User-generated data such as config files and replays are now stored in the user space under "t3-i/Paintball Party 2" making it possible to install the game in the correct location on modern operating systems. The game now searches for additional content in the "levels", "characters", and "music" directories under this location.

Changed how full screen mode works.

Added slow motion, rewind, fast forward, and zoom controls to replay system.

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Screenshot 1
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The Developer
Todd Cope
Todd CopeI am a game programmer and designer. I've created several freeware games in the past under NewCreature Design and am now working on a few projects with T³ Software. (View Profile)