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Depot Games: Paintball Party

Current Version: 1.51

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #5 during March 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Todd Cope

Number of Players: 4 (Split Screen)

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Paintball Party is a unique multi-player action experience. Up to 4 players can duke it out simultaneously on a single PC with 4-way split-screen action. Tons of options and multiple game modes will provide you and your friends hours of fun.

Save replays of your best matches to rub it in later or study your opponents' strategies and do them one better the next time. Slow-motion and zooming capabilities allow you to see those exciting moments up close and personal.

Practice your shooting and jumping skills in the single-player Target Practice and Scavenger Hunt modes.

Create your own add-on levels and characters with the built-in design tools for a truly personalized game.


Name Comments Size Date Paintball Party 1.51 Source Code and Data 2,998,578 11/23/2005 9:20 PM
pp151win.exe Paintball Party 1.51 (Win32 Installer) 3,330,785 11/23/2005 9:36 PM Paintball Party 1.51 (Win32 ZIP) 3,562,071 11/23/2005 9:53 PM

What's New:

Fixed another camera bug.

Fixed source code problems.

Fixed camera bug.

Added light maps to the map engine, now you can add cool lighting effects to your levels.

Upgraded to Allegro 4.2

Removed net play in anticipation of Paintball Party Deluxe

Fixed sound crashing bug with certain characters

Update music playback engine, MP3 and OGG should work without the possibility of crashing and the MOD engine uses about 1/2 CPU time it used to (thanks to Robert J Ohannessian, Julien Cugnière and Ben Davis for all their work on the excellent DUMB music player)

Fixed profile selection so multiple players can't select the same profile

Fixed character selection bug

Upgraded GUI for editors, using a Windows-style interface that looks a lot better

Upgraded timing engine for more accurate timing

Other minor changes

Update (7/25/05): final source code released

1.4 Beta
New network engine with improved stability and speed

Servers now uploaded to the web site for all to see

Small game launcher application included to copy and paste IPs from the web page and launch the game

Added Server Finder, use this program to display your server to the world

Added server wait mode, the game will load and wait in a minimal CPU usage state until a client has connected, useful for Server Finder, you won't have to have the game running and hogging the CPU while you wait for someone to connect to you

Overhauled code structure

Fixed sound crashing bugs which were making the game unstable

Implemented error checking in many places

Fixed crashing bug in collision routines

Many more bug fixes

1.3 Beta 3
Fixed synchronization problem introduced in Beta 2.

Added server side network speed throttling.

1.3 Beta 2
Latency fix for real this time.

Network speed throttling implemented on client side.

1.3 Beta
Updated and fixed menus for the network game.

Network game now supports configuration of game options, characters, and levels.

1.3 A3
Updated network system to allow delivery of multiple messages simultaneously.

Attempted to fix latency issues. May have to change this if the game runs too choppy, won't know 'til it's tested.

1.3 A2
Fixed synchronization issue.

1.3 Alpha
Readded network support using a new method that actually works.

This is only a test version, the network mode does not support character or level selection and only lets you play "Splat Fest." I will add all those features if the testing goes well.

Character theme support, now characters can play their own theme when they win.

Online support removed, it did not work.

1.2 Beta 1
Preliminary support for online or LAN play (please provide feedback if you test this option).

Game options now save so you don't have to reset the game options you like every time you exit the game.

Option for auto-targeting when using Heat Seekers.

Targeted player now is identified with a red box so you don't get confused about who you're about to fire at.

Fixed so that big characters don't start inside the floor.

New turbo and fly powerups.

More complete editing tools for easier game editing including drawing tools (pixel, line, circle, rectangle, color fill, color replace, copy/paste).

Create your own player data and keep up with your winning percentage and shooting accuracy.

Better custom level and character selection, now they appear in the normal selection array so you can select them the same way as normal characters.

Support for additional music formats - MP3, OGG, MIDI, XM, S3M, MOD.

New tile properties so levels can have slick floors and conveyor belts.

2 additional levels included with the game.

Additional game options.

You can now view the help files from within the editors by hitting F1.

Added more shortcut keys to the editors.

Many, many bug fixes.

Incompatibility notes: the controls have been slightly modified so your old replays will not play correctly on the new version.

Fixed bug relating to gameplay (affects replays).

The game should now work on systems without sound functionality.

Added proper demos.

Source code released.

1.0 Beta 2
Fixed several bugs.

Added replay "super" zoom and step mode for viewing those shots up close and personal.

Level Builder and Character Designer now included in the package.

New miscellaneous options menu, replays can be disabled and music can be randomized (will select from all in-game music and any additional IT files located in the game folder).

1.0 Beta
All known bugs and glitches fixed.

Added replay system.

Redid the player control system to fix some small glitches.

Implemented player-to-player collisions.

Other bug fixes.

Modified collision routines to alleviate the jumping problems people have been having. Hopefully this didn't break anything. The next version will have some major changes so it might be a while.

If you have downloaded the Installer, you only need to grab the update and place it in the directory where Paintball Party is installed.

This is the beta version of Paintball Party. Everything is pretty much done but the game still needs testing before a final release.

Paintball Party
Paintball Party
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.3
  • 10I didnt play this game long, but it totally rocked, This game is a blast to play with friends.
  • 8Gfx, sounds and music are all great and the game plays well but only if you have someone to play against. All it needs for a perfect score are some bots one could play with in single player mode. Other than that this is a very solid game...
  • 10This game is addicting, but only if you have someone else to play with. But the online play capability will fix that. Great Game! This is one of my all time favorites! Can't wait to play it online sometime!
The Developer
Todd Cope
Todd CopeI am a game programmer and designer. I've created several freeware games in the past under NewCreature Design and am now working on a few projects with T³ Software. (View Profile)