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Depot Games: Operation Alpha 2 **3D**

Current Version: 0.97b

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: Geoffrey Brown

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: ****** I have finally released the final BETA version which is fully playable in both Hot-Seat and E-Mail modes ******

The XMas MOD will be released on christmas day

This is the the sequel to "Operation Alpha". Operation Alpha was a remake of a simple game that I made on an old microcomputer when I was 11. I decided to keep that version simple and true to the original.
The new version is being made to the best of my ability. It is 3D and will be far more realistic and involved. Each player will get to chose the attack force and deploy it at the beginning of each game.
It will still be turn-based and you will still be able to play it via E-mail. I may also be adding a Directplay mode. This will allow play on a LAN, the internet, serial cable and via a modem.
The complete game will include :
* Full 3D graphics using OpenGL and AllegroGL
* Simple to use mouse-based interface.
* Realistic unit damage
* Weaker armour on the sides and rear of most units
* Units will be made by choosing a hull and a turret
* Units will be able to use hull-down positions to protect the hull
* A large selection of hulls and turrets to choose from
* **Possibly** computer AI opponents


Name Comments Size Date The Game 1,722,870 11/23/2005 9:09 PM
Public Opinion
The Developer
Geoffrey Brown
Geoffrey BrownI'm a Software Engineering student. I program games with allegro in my spare time and I now speciallize in 3D rendering engines. I am not so good at the collision detection in 3D though so I am currently restricted to psuedo 3d. (View Profile)