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Depot Games: Open Invaders

Current Version: 0.2

Project Status: Beta Release

Links: Web Site, Project page, Ubuntu repository info

Category: Space Invaders

Developers: jamyskis, amber

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: A GPL'd version of Space Invaders, which will eventually have better graphics and sound, several modes of play including unlockables and a story mode.


Name Comments Size Date
Open Invaders 0.2.exe Self-extracting installer 2,472,403 06/20/2007 6:56 PM
open-invaders-0.2.tar.gz 2,259,110 06/20/2007 6:47 PM
open-invaders-0.2_binary_linux.tar.gz 2,147,372 06/20/2007 6:50 PM 2,414,581 06/20/2007 6:53 PM
open-invaders_0.2-jamyskis1_i386.deb Ubuntu Feisty deb package 1,964,704 06/20/2007 6:45 PM

What's New:

* Added: Hiscore anti-cheating (unfortunately scores from version 0.1 no longer work)
* Optimised: File loader code has been streamlined (smaller executable size)
* Fixed: when compiling from source under Linux, the commentator would say "let's go" on the game over screen instead of "your game is over".
* Added: Menu allowing the player to start the game, change options or quit properly (credits screen too)
* Added: Five difficulty levels
* Added: Sound volume option (music and sfx)
* Tweaked: Ending now plays at same speed on all computers, text tweaked slightly
* Added: Options are now saved

* Projectiles now collide and cancel each other out
* Bug fixed where shields would disappear a little prematurely when enemies were down below
* Shields now regenerate when completing a level
* Bug fixed where enemies could disappear off the bottom of the screen if they don't hit the player
* Converted to 16-bit truecolor because new graphics are coming in soon (thanks Amber!)
* Switched to RLE compiled sprites (they're faster)
* A few performance improvements
* Fade sequences rewritten (Allegro's only work in 8-bit mode) and enhanced
* Updated the font (it now looks a lot nicer)
* Fixed the scoreboard (no annoying black blocks now)
* All 14 level backgrounds now finished (still need graphical makeovers though mostly)
* Added music (3 tracker MODs from the public domain, not of my own creation)
* Added ending/credits
* Game speed increased by 15% (due to complaints that the game was too slow)

* Restructured code so that changes and additions can be made more easily
* Restructuring for less reliance on global variables
* Fixed bug where characters would "jump" after a fade (lose a life or end level)
* Game now terminates anywhere with CTRL+C (although perhaps unclean)
* Game can now be ended from title screen with CTRL+Q (definitely cleanly)
* Fixed screengrab function so that screen can be grabbed anywhere (with correct palette)
* Added basic high-score functionality
* Added "designed for Linux" logo
* Added level 3 background (more to come!)
* Fixed bug which allowed only left CTRL key to be used for combinations

* Quick bug fix to allow for proper installation methods and building of Ubuntu packages.

* Bug fixes galore, including improved CPU usage.
* Added various backgrounds for game.
* Modified breakout loop so that the game quits cleanly.

* Vastly improved graphics and presentation
* Title screen
* Possibility of using a joystick/joypad
* Sound effects

¡Hola Amiga!
¡Hola Amiga!
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 4.5
  • 5Nice colourful graphics. Everything is there for a Space Invaders game. I would have liked to see animated sprites, particularly for the explosions. A good soundtrack
  • 4This game is pretty much a remake of space invaders including the not-so-exciting gameplay. The changing background was interesting, but the one frame sprites were not.
The Developer
jamyskisI'm 25 years old, I work as a translator and English teacher, living in the good ol' city of Paderborn here in Germany. In my spare time I like to program (obviously, else I wouldn't be here), write poetry and generally get out and about. (View Profile)