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Depot Games: Milestone

Current Version: 3.0

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #13 during March 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Murat AYIK

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Milestone is the progress demo of my FPS-Engine. It is fully playable with simple enemies, weapons and lighting. The engine is in a very early stage but it is growing fast. A new demo with different map(s) is released about every month so check back for updates.

Demo 3 was recently released. Plans for the new version haven't yet started.

Updates in v3.0: The most notable features of demo3 are; guided missiles, terrains, a nice&flexible weapon system, moddability, stereo positional sound, etc.

Note: Please don't review/score this project, because it is not ready for that:)


Name Comments Size Date v3.0 5,352,886 03/23/2006 2:57 AM

What's New:

- Added mousewheel support to change weapons
- Brought back the Turkish Flag which was invisible in MS2 in 32 bit color depth!
- Fixed some lighting problems
- Added multi-level support
- Replaced the mostly hardcoded weapon system with a flexible one, featuring semi/full auto weapons, visible bullets, rockets, shotguns, different bullet speeds for player and NPCs, firing from eye/gun position, random power-loss in given range(like dmg: 40-45), etc
- Replaced the mostly hardcoded weapon system with a real(yet simple) one, featuring Stereo positional sound, different BGMs for different maps, OGG support, more hardware voices, etc
- Added mod support!
- Sounds now have different ranges
- Reloading, death and enemy detection now have sounds
- Firing enemies now glow and can be seen in the dark(temporary solution until dynamic lighting!)
- Enemies now can return fire when you shoot them from back(if other rules let)
- Enemies can't fire back right after they are hit.
- Added some terrain support(like friction and appropriate culling)
- Made Minor Optimizations(but new features evened them out!)
- Fixed some bugs (memory leaks, lighting issues, etc)

- Added lightmapping for static lighting
- Added vertex lighting for moving thingies
- Minor speed-up
- Added decals for bullet marks(simple, without clipping etc)
- Added more hope for next version(s) by starting to learn 3D modelling myself!

- Fixed OpenGL initialization problem
- Fixed a speed issue on some drivers
- Added WSAD keys

Delta Force map
Delta Force map
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 3.5
  • 3Can still be improved... Good work though...
  • 4I played this and liked it. Uses more memory than a lot of commercial games such as unreal and half life. Still, its nothing to show your friends yet, but possess great potential (IMHO).
The Developer
Murat AYIK
Murat AYIKI am a teacher for two years. Recently I started to work again on my FPS engine which was a hobby for years. With an excellent past on computers and military stuff, I am confident about being the right guy to make an enjoyable game. And that's what I am planning to do for the rest of my life! (View Profile)