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Depot Games: Maximum Overdrive

Current Version: 0.891

Project Status: Abandoned

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Michael Davies

Ports: DOS

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: GTA STYLE RACING WITH WEAPONS! Race TEN AI players or FOUR human players at one PC (split screen). Homing rockets, proximity mines, missiles, grenades, machine guns & oil slicks! Porsche 911s, Ferrari F-50s, Jaguars, and classic 1950s Cadillacs! Full scrolling racing tracks, dynamic smoke/flame effects, transparencies, collision physics, real-time texturing.

Note: Currently car selection is random :-)

New Features to version 0.891:
* Minor bugfix - MO wasn't running on some PCs with certain video cards... FIXED.

New Features to version 0.890:
* MAJOR speed increase! The graphics mode was changed from VESA1 to
VESA2L, making it possible to obtain 30fps stable at any screen
resolution (at least on my Celeron 400mhz w/128mb Ram :)...)
* Improved car handling. Now turning is based on a "steering wheel"
principle rather than just using a black/white turning left/right
approach. Subtle, but more realistic :)
* Power-ups! Including:
- Weapon ammunition
- Engine/chassis repair
- Invincibility (30 sec)
- Rapid fire (30 sec)
- Tank mode (30 sec)
- Nitro booster (30 sec)
- Mega-grip (30 sec)
* Checkpoints & laps! Now you can actually finish the race! Although it
still doesn't DO anything when you do :-)
* Eye-Candy!
- Skid-marks are now one smooth line, and have smoke trails.
- Explosions have "fireballs" shooting out from them.
- Dead cars emit a realistic black smoke.
- Collision sparks.
- Shadows.
* Selectable terrain/scenery for each level. Unfortunately this isn't
really noticable since there's only one map. (To see it, run EDITOR4,
press F12 to load the map, and press F1 to change the scenery. :-)...)
* Projectiles do not travel "backwards" if you're reversing fast.

Minimum Requirements: P133, 32mb RAM, Win95/98. (Soundcard optional)


Name Comments Size Date DOS Binary 1,954,660 05/29/2007 1:19 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.2
  • 10It's the best program I ever found on this site. Excellent playability, excellent graphics... A real professional game!
  • 8Great graphics and sound, looks very promising.
  • 10Not perfect???? It is. For one-man-developed-game :) it's excellent! Good work man!
The Developer
Michael Davies
Michael DaviesAn Aussie game developer (graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from University of Melbourne) working for Torus Games ( Maximum Overdrive became one of my demo pieces when applying for the job at Torus. (View Profile)