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Depot Games: Legendary Legions

Current Version: 21032006

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #1 during May 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: tomekumb

Number of Players: 2 (Turn Based (Local))

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: It's turn-based strategy with fantasy theme and rpg-elements (e.g. leveling the units, and skills which you could raise). Your mission is to destroy enemy's castle. You can be on good or bad side. A the moment game supports only 2 human player game, but in future we plan to add AI and network play. The gameplay is similar to this in Heroes of Might and Magic but it's much simpler of course.

Game was written with allegro for graphic and:
- allegromp3 for music
- loadpng for png support

All units have been taken from Celtic Legends (an old Amiga game), the concept is a hybrid of Celtic Legends (it's not clone), Heroes of Might & Magic and Civilization :D . The dragon in menu and in interface is not ours too as well as music in trailer ;D. Hmmm what's more... the code is ours (but we won't public it yet and everything is in polish so you won't understand it at all), the rest graphic are ours. Oh and sound when the unit is building is not ours too. I think it's all about copyrights. The game is freeware, non-profit etc.


Name Comments Size Date
21032006.tar.bz2 Linux version 3,801,523 04/09/2006 12:30 AM Windows version 5,271,538 03/20/2006 11:51 AM

What's New:

- Linux build uploaded

- simple ai (computer is moving to the nearest enemy unit, heals, buys new units and technology), you can turn it off in options menu
- new maps
- better quality (graphics) of interface and menu background
- towers
- cities (10gp for every city per turn)
- cities and towers can be captured

- fps
- optimization!!!
- saving state of the game (ingame option menu)
- new font
- scenarios (saves for each map)
- larger maps (60x60)

- you can now go more than one move at once (estimating range for moving!)
- 1024x768 resolution
- new sprites: window (finding food, gold), forest, grass, mountains, beach
- you can select units which don't have any move points (for training and healing)
- new custom mouse cursor
- time to end turn now 120 seconds
- buying technology allows to buy new units
- health bar is now only under active unit and unit pointed by mouse
- transition between terrain
- every turn units heals 0-5% of it's full HP
- random events:
* there is 10% chance that you find 25-50 gold in mountains
* there is 10% chance that you hunt deer in forest and heal up to 5% of your max. HP
* there is 10% chance that you burn in lava (max. -20HP)
- non-linear leveling up
- you can't have unit with more than 100 ability of attack, defense, agility (bugfix)
- 2000 gp at the begining
- minimap is loading from file in load map menu
- simple map editor (see readme.txt)
- Training button which could raise your experience up to 25 points (expensive)

legendary legions 1
legendary legions 1
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 7.0
  • 7Wow, is this game in english? I know some of it, but not all of it. From what I played, the interface it nice, the graphics are really good, but the will take some time. Not bad so far
The Developer
tomekumb (View Profile)