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Depot Games: Burn 2

Current Version: 1.0

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Space Shooters

Developers: Chris DeLeon

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available Upon Request

Author's Description: Burn 2 is packed with turret strafing, laser blasting, and city-bombing fast-paced arcade style gameplay.

Burn 2 is a team deathmatch space shooter featuring Gravitar-style gameplay, deformable terrain, colored lighting, randomly generated planets/buildings/landscapes/skies, stereo sound, and a varied techno MIDI soundtrack. Matches can be as many as five on five, with up to 5 human players (same computer) and any number of AI players to fill in the gaps. Supports joystick, gamepad, and keyboard play.

Be sure to experiment with various team sizes, and skim the readme for help on which key in your chosen control operates the bombs.


Name Comments Size Date 735,927 08/06/2006 12:16 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 8It's a very good game, takes a lot of skill to play it properly. Ramming someone into the ground with your bullets is really fun, but what's annoying is that at night, you don't even know where the ground is. Also, the AI could be better. I have to play them 1 on 4 to be posed with a challenge ;).
  • 6Graphically this is nice, and the nifty effects (blur, lighting, etc) give it a distinct flair, but the wonky controls and ever-present (and strong) gravity suck the life out of this game. And quite unfortunately, on my 2ghz machine the game really chugged at times. Needs a minor overhaul, and it could easily grab a 4/5.
  • 10Wow, this is a pretty sweet game :) I like the lighting, and the planet/space battles. I wish space and planets didn't change, though. Also, once I know how to play the game I always win because my health resets when the other guy dies :) A good game; I'll have to keep an eye out for updates.
The Developer
Chris DeLeon
Chris DeLeonSpent 7 months making an experimental web game every day at my old website, Co-founder of the Game Creation Society at Carnegie Mellon University. Served as either project lead/producer, solo developer, lead designer or lead engineer for more than 40 independent games in the past decade. Helped develop, designed/programmed Topple on iPhone, and currently helping others learn to make their own videogames via . (View Profile)