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Depot Games: Beary's Bash

Current Version: vb34

Project Status: Early Development

Highest Popularity: #9 during May 2006

Links: Web Site, Beary Webpage

Category: Platform

Developers: Mark Oates

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Beary's Bash is a platform game in it's early development. You advance to the next level by hitting the flag at the end of the course.

Right now, there are only about 6 or so levels. Each one gives an example of some basic types of gameplay that could be expanded into some more advanced types of puzzles.


Name Comments Size Date - windows binary 1,986,773 11/23/2005 9:35 PM Beary's Bash beta version .34 - Windows Binary 3,210,418 05/31/2006 12:08 PM

What's New:

All kinds of goodies, including
new enemies
bottomless pits
level sequences
nerf gun
new doors
animations and special effects
items, jewels
trigger and switch blocks
new graphics
80% of the graphics were switched to gif, which saved a whole lot of space.

name offically changed to "Beary's Bash"
new windows icon
new title image "Beary's Bash"
changed copyright notice to "By Mark Oates -"
title screen now includes "exit"
level select screen (3 levels so far)
changed the HUD
- new hearts
- removed clock and timer
- anti-aliased text
- removed score
pickup items - heart, one-up, and key
keys and locked doors
easier collision ditection on the goal flag
finishing a round displays times and kills
levels revamped
multiple scrolling backgrounds are more flexible
newer, nicer map backgrounds
changed some graphics, inlcuding doors
removed "time up!"
more sound effects
killed bear numbers are now anti-aliased
changed Beary's eyes, now he looks a little peppier
ducking actuall ducks, and not just draws a ducking bear
cut the blood ammount in half
pause screen includes
dampened down the awards
still has some issues with speed and smooth drawing
fixed some camera bugs (still a few left)

I'm also currently working on a level editor.

a different level that has doors.
some splat sound effects
title screen (only works with "New Game")
changed some controls
Pause Screen
changed page flipping so speeds will be the same on all computers
changed the blood
bear kill countdown
kill chains (but no points reward)
multiple scrolling bgds
complete rewrite of the levels/maps system
complete rewrite of rendering system (multiple drawing layers)
better shadded map graphics
fixed camera bug (but it's still a little messed up)
ready, ready, GO!
loading graphic
time-up graphic
bug: once you hit the flag, you're stuck. hit esc to quit.

Title Screen
Title Screen
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.3
  • 8A good game, though it has some bugs.Press 0 key on the numpad to get a gun during the game play.
  • 9Fast action. Mario like. Very good. The only bug is that you don't loose after you run out of lives. I guess the developer forgot to disable a debug flag.
  • 8yeah, it's a very bloody & tasty game... i love it :) give me more blood & jibs!
The Developer
Mark Oates
Mark OatesI graduated with a degree in Music and spent 10 years of my life composing. After a series of life-changing events, composing music no longer gives me the fulfillment it once did and I am currently on a quest to find some other form of work that I find rewarding. Hobbies of mine include photography, programming, graphic design, and music. (View Profile)