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Depot Games: Aybabtu's ``Mirkwood Forest'' RPG

Current Version: 4.5

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: aybabtu

Ports: DOS

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: This is the most recent game I've been/still working on. It's inspired by "Rogue", but doesn't really follow the "genre" of "Roguelike". It differs by having a turn-based (text) battle system, and the dungeons aren't generated as nicely. The object is to get through 20 parts of the Mirkwood forest from "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien. On the way, you'll pick up equipment, battle monsters, and level up. I haven't beaten it yet on version 4.0, but it's possible (Hey...there is a winners list...)
It's in ASCII graphics (like Rogue), so don't expect anything spectacular (See my sig :). Just have fun with it. The source is included in the file, along with instructions. I suggest you read the instructions...
(Please let me know what you think!!)

DOWNLOAD information: (~121KB) includes:
Rl.exe -the game -the source code (C++)
Mflogo.txt -the little opening ASCII picture
Mfdoc.doc -Instructions (if you for some reason cannot use the .doc version, private message me, and I'll send you a text version.)

I continually update this game (I've got nothing better to do ;) so keep checking the updates panel (far right) when you load the homepage!

|*WINNERS LIST: (Finally there's more than one!)
|Jeremy Ouellette
|Sam Alvarado (one of my friends)
|Karadoc ~~
*unless otherwise noted, these are members of

In my experience, this game ONLY runs in full screen mode. I wish XP had better dos support, but it doesn't. If it doesn't work this're screwed...sorry! You could also try changing compatibility to Windows 95 in the properties window, but I haven't tested this.

At this moment, no new features are being developed/added, so the next versions (after 4.5) will be mainly bugfixes.


Name Comments Size Date DOS Binary & Source Code 129,002 05/29/2007 5:34 PM

What's New:

-8 new character types!!
-->Yellow Mage
-->Can now get items on top row of screen
-->Cannot "perpetually heal" with Cure spells
-->Can use Curaga now
-New opening logo!!
I didn't want to release this version so soon, but I needed to get these bugs here it is!

-4 new character types
-->Red Mage
-Gollum NPC
-Change your player icon
-->Change styles (4 total)
-->Change color (0-15)
-->Change background color (0-7)

-Food (Elvish "Lembas Bread")
-Buy food at the shop
---->Cure magic (Cure, Cura, Curaga)
---->Evasion magic (No encounters for 40 turns)

(Traveling Salesman!)

-Winners file
-Fixed some elemental problems
-Assorted other goodies

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 7.6
  • 8This is a great little game worth your time playing through. And the game is getting better constantly! If you like a good adventure, play it! The scene (monsters, enviroment) should change more as you get closer to the end, and get more challenging. Keep up the work!
  • 4(ver 4.3) Good fun game. ascii graphics force people to use their imagination (which is good). Gameplay was bit limited. Several bugs. Main thing I didn't like was the balance problems. Some say it's too hard, but my wizard quickly became unstopable. I won it first go, no problems, 4303 moves.
  • 8A few bugs I mentioned in the forums but otherwise nice job. The enemies are a bit too tuff and advancement seemed a bit slow. I've never played any other ascii rogue like games but I can see why they still have following....
The Developer
aybabtuMaster of my domain. (View Profile)