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Depot Games: Anestor RPG

Current Version: 0.12b

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #21 during May 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: Moonlight Productions, Bjørn Lindeijer, Georg Muntingh

Ports: DOS, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: The Anestor RPG engine is still in very early stages of development. It currently features a two layered scrolling map, has the ability to display objects like trees/statues or items and the characters can equip items.

12-14-2001: Fixed download links and updated site link. Also, this is a slightly newer version with shadow support. But it's still very outdated and using Allegro 3.9.33. We hope to have a recent version (with scripting and decent shadow) available soon.

03-03-2002: We decided that the RPG should be more tile-based (no per-pixel walking). This should simplify collision and pathfinding. We also decided that the RPG should be in isometric perspective. Because of these plans we are now back to design status.

08-24-2002: Anestor RPG engine had been put on hold long ago and we're working on the Moonlight RPG engine now, which we started from the ground up. We're making smaller games with the Moonlight engine now, but eventually we'll want to realize Anestor with it.

We are trying to make the engine very independent of the game itself, and to make it easy for new levels/adventures to be created. This is done by programming an easy to use level editor called RPG Edit (included in the download) and we will be scripting objects, quests, etc. (currently using SeeR).


Name Comments Size Date The walkaround demo (Win32) 165,539 11/23/2005 9:09 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 5.7
  • 1It asks for all3393.dll, which I could not find on the net and is not provided by the developers either. No game - no good rating, sry...
  • 8Rating: Idea(70%) Playable(70%) Graphic(75%) -- Really good start ;) Good luck :)
  • 8Wou! Just what I have been looking for years. A two player (graphical!) rpg! Not clamourous, but very nice!
The Developer
Moonlight Productions
Moonlight ProductionsMoonlight Productions is formed of four people. We have Georg Muntingh mainly working on the content of our games, Laurens van der Starre doing most of the scripting, BjØrn Lindeijer working on the Moonlight engine and Frode Lindeijer helping out with the graphics. (View Profile)