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Depot Games: AllegroPak Demos

Current Version: 1.11a

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #14 during May 2007

Links: Web Site

Category: Demos

Developers: Andrei Ellman

Ports: DOS

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: The AllegroPak demos are two pre-built demos showing what can be done with the now abandoned AllegroPak add-on. The demos have not been updated since 1997.

SPH_DEMO.EXE demonstrates lit Z-buffered texture-mapped 3D spheres and contains three parts. In the first part, there are four z-buffered gouraud-shaded pyramids with a hole in them (the hole is defined by the transparent colour on the texture). The second part demonstrates a good use of the HSL colourspace to add a rainbow to a single light-sourced pyramid rendered using light-mapped paletted gouraud-shaded rendering. The different lightness levels have been given a hue. You can change the saturation and the 'hue-twist'. The third part is where it gets interesting. It is real-time light-sourced Z-buffered spherical rotated texture mapping using real spheres (as opposed to spherical polygon-meshes). How the spheres are rendered, and where the light comes from can be controlled. The light-source can either be a point which the user can move around, or an infinitely-far light which the user can rotate.

3DSPDEMO.EXE demonstrates a 3D environment with Z-buffered translucent 3D sprites both with and without depth-maps and fog-shading in 8-bit colour.

To obtain the source-code, download [url]AllegroPak[/url], or visit the web-site and follow the link to AllegroPak and from there, download AllegroPak.

AllegroPak is mentioned in the forums at [url]


Name Comments Size Date DOS pre-compiled executables (NL Mirror) 351,565 11/23/2005 9:31 PM DOS pre-compiled executables (UK Mirror) 351,565 11/23/2005 9:44 PM
SPH_DEMO.EXE: Z-buffered lit texturemapped spheres
SPH_DEMO.EXE: Z-buffered lit texturemapped spheres
Public Opinion
The Developer
Andrei Ellman
Andrei EllmanMy origins are as follows: I was assembled from spare parts found at the local graveyard by my parents in an overzealous attempt to create a prototype for my sister. Until recently, I was a programmer at Digi-Guys in Ealing, London working as a tools/support programmer on a hybrid game/film project. I am also a keen hobyist programmer. In fact, I once quit my job in the computer games industry so I'd have the time to write my own game - go figure. Before that, I had previously had two full-time programming jobs in the computer games industry. One at Criterion and one at Runecraft. (View Profile)