Introduced in 5.0.0

An ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_INSTANCE object represents a playable instance of a predefined sound effect. It holds information pertaining to the looping mode, loop start/end points, playing position, etc. An instance uses the data from an ALLEGRO_SAMPLE object. Multiple instances may be created from the same ALLEGRO_SAMPLE. An ALLEGRO_SAMPLE must not be destroyed while there are instances which reference it.

To be played, an ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_INSTANCE object must be attached to an ALLEGRO_VOICE object, or to an ALLEGRO_MIXER object which is itself attached to an ALLEGRO_VOICE object (or to another ALLEGRO_MIXER object which is attached to an ALLEGRO_VOICE object, etc).

Examples: ex_acodec, ex_acodec_multi, ex_audio_props, ex_kcm_direct, ex_mixer_chain

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