Registers an user-created window to be used by Allegro.


void win_set_window(HWND wnd);
Registers an user-created window to be used by Allegro. This function is meant to be called before initialising the library with allegro_init() or installing the autodetected system driver (SYSTEM_AUTODETECT). It lets you attach Allegro to any already existing window and prevents the library from creating its own, thus leaving you total control over the window; in particular, you are responsible for processing the events as usual (Allegro will automatically monitor a few of them, but will not filter out any of them). You can then use every component of the library (graphics, mouse, keyboard, sound, timers and so on), bearing in mind that some Allegro functions are blocking (e.g. readkey() if the key buffer is empty) and thus must be carefully manipulated by the window thread.

However you can also call it after the library has been initialised, provided that no graphics mode is set. In this case the keyboard, mouse, joystick, sound and sound recording modules will be restarted.

Passing NULL instructs Allegro to switch back to its built-in window if an user-created window was registered, or to request a new handle from Windows for its built-in window if this was already in use.

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