DOS specifics

There are four Allegro files which you should redistribute along your program. These are the files `keyboard.dat', `language.dat', `allegro.cfg' and `setup.exe'.

The first two contain internationalisation information for keyboard mappings and system messages to show up localised on the user's computer. The `setup.exe' program, which comes in Allegro's `setup' directory, is a standalone tool which you can graphically customise and even embed into your main binary. The user can generate a configuration file with this tool, to store special settings or avoid Allegro's autodetection failing on specific hardware. Even if you distribute `setup.exe', you are recommended to copy too the empty `allegro.cfg' file, in case the setup program itself is unable to run and the user has to edit manually the configuration with a text editor.

If you are using get_config_text() in your program to localise text strings, merge your xxtext.cfg files with the ones provided by Allegro in the `resource' directory before creating `language.dat', and redistribute this with your program. This file will contain then both Allegro's system messages and the strings of your program.

DOS integration routines