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ItsyRealm 0.5.16
Erin Maus
Member #7,537
July 2006


ItsyRealm turns five years old on March 23 so I made a little trailer and pushed a small update to the game.

- For macOS:
- For Windows:
- For Linux: (to download the customized LOVE AppImage) and (to download the game itself)

To run on Linux:

$ chmod +x itsyrealm.AppImage
$ ./itsyrealm.AppImage

(Assuming you didn't rename the downloads.)


Steam page (still not available publicly):

Patch notes:


  • Improvements to non-player peep pathing during combat. Now, peeps will stop moving towards the player (or opponent, in the case of peep-vs-peep) when they are able to resume attacking. This prevents enemies from stacking up on top of the player or opponent and then strafing onto the same tile.

  • A lot of work on animations and skins for inaccessible mobs like Theodyssius and Yendor

  • Add Yeast Beast (Sacchorobyte) lair (inaccessible without Amulet of Yendor)

  • Update userdata implementation for items to support stacking / noting items with userdata

  • Initial work on recipes & ingredients for upcoming cooking update

  • Fix transform logic for particles

  • Fix sea foam around boats

  • Initial work on vegetables for recipes

Feedback is always appreciated. :) There might be some bugs with combat now, I haven't thoroughly tested the pathing change unfortunately. Early testing seemed good, though.

ItsyRealm, a quirky 2D/3D RPG where you fight, skill, and explore in a medieval world with horrors unimaginable.
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Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

I'm not interested in games so much these days, but I will always be interested in your svg parser and drawing code. Is it in a separate library? Is there a license to use it?

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