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[Announce Trailer] Not Afraid - fun with shaders
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February 2021

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Hi, all, this is my first game-project using allegro5 instead of pygame or PyOpenGL. The game is a OpenGL shaders post-processing glitch driven irresponsible Visual Novel. Focused on data-bending audio and visual experience, there is a little of gameplay about moving between screens and meditation. And a little of story text around which is better to meditate too. Handmade over the top of OpenGL API with 0% of plastic factory parts by two 100% sleepless game developers. Release is expected to happen somewhere during the spring.

Announce Trailer : game page :

Peter Hull
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March 2001


Mark Oates
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March 2001

Heeeell yea 8-)

That's what I'm talkin about, that's so cool!

Is there a place I can sign up and get notifications about releases?

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February 2021

Thanks, Peter and Mark.
I think is a best place to follow.

Kevin Adrian
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April 2006

Yeah that's awesome!

My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding. (Psalm 49:3)

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January 2001

You definitely have my curiosity :)

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