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I hate open source.
Doctor Cop
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April 2018

I would use the former because they run on low-end machines.
Except for gimp, it's heavy.

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September 2003

"The difference is that most proprietary software has already passed most basic quality checks otherwise they couldn't charge for it (or at least continue to charge for it)"

You never had to be the sysadmin, have you really ?

Because if it was he case you clearly would not state something like this. I work in a +10000 computers company (just the users, not the DCs) for more than 15 years and what I can say from all that experience is that the proprietary softwares are not high quality checked.

1) microsoft windows (patch Tuesday baby, reboot like you want !)
2) network admin proprietary dashboards like HP, Cisco, Orange, Juniper, Checkpoint, Aruba (sic)
3) AIX. Search for what is that shit and you'll understand, knowing that one server is a 1000000 euros bill a few years ago
4) VMware ... you never know how fucked it is until you use it in production and under load. With a single VM I was able to kill the whole ESX (without knowing it until its death)
5) Any new game coming out crash on most old computers because they do not check correctly a tons of things (video memory space, even some do not check ogl or dx version and just... crash). Yes I have a grudge against Farcry5.

Please also keep in mind that I do not value the FOSS that high. Not much than the average proprietary software. For me both are equals in terms of quality, except that when it's FOSS I can dig inside and fix it.

"Code is like shit - it only smells if it is not yours"
Allegro Wiki, full of examples and articles !!

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April 2002

Some free/opensource software I have used that I love and works well...

- IrfanView (image viewer, editor)
- Blender (amazing 3D)
- OpenShot Video Editor
- OBS Studio (video recording)
- GIMP (Photoshop quality image editor/creator)
- Code::Blocks (programming IDE)
- MinGW (compiler)
- Allegro (programming library)
- SDL (programming library)
- DOSBOX (DOS emulator)
- Vice64 (C64 emulator)
- Tile Studio (2D tile/map editor)
- MakeHuman (creates 3D human models for Blender etc)
- AwesomeBump (3D bump map editor)
- Materialize (3D material editor/normal maps etc...)
- Format Factory (converts between many many different video formats, audio formats etc)
- Audacity (audio editor/creator)

...the list is quite lengthy. I rarely have problems with any of these.

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

I agree, there is plenty of great open source software out there, and it still competes with proprietary software, and that's great.

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April 2002

Oh, and probably the biggest open source of all... LINUX and the numerous apps for it.

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