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Debugging on android
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March 2011

I am writing a haptics driver for Allegro5 on android, but ex_haptic crashes on that platform, so I would like to debug it or at least get a stack trace. I found some instructions but they don't seem to work for me. How do I debug a native android app from the Linux command line?

Ian Lewis
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December 2014

Not sure if this is what you want, but Android studio has something called 'logcat' which is some kind of realtime trace. In Android Studio under Windows, I get to this via a button labelled 'Android Monitor'.

Here are a couple of links talking about logcat under linux. They may be what you already found.....

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May 2000

Yes, logcat will be the most simple way. You can also run a remote gdb but it will take considerably more effort.

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Member #12,636
March 2011

No, I didn't know about logcat. I will try it out and see if I can find out what is causing the crash. Thanks!

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