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OMO v0.2
Todd Cope
Member #998
November 2000

We've just released v0.2 of OMO, our music player/organizer. Download links are available on the OMO project page.

Here's a list of improvements over the previous version:

  • Fix opening tags dialog for songs that are part of multi-track files.

  • Fix opening files through the command line.

  • Allow queueing up folders from the command line.

  • Fix GUI button press animation.

  • Add midiout codec handler which uses Windows' midiOut functionality and Rhythm Toolkit to play MIDI files.

  • Add pause button graphic and make play button turn into pause button when appropriate.

  • Run library setup in a separate thread. You can now use the player to play files while the library is being set up.

  • Scroll queue list when changing songs, if necessary, to keep the currently playing song visible.

  • Update queue list tags when accepting changes made to tags for items in the queue list.

  • Load tags from queued files if library isn't loaded.

  • Fix potential crash bug in AVPlayer codec handler related to reading metadata tags.

  • Add 'Shuffle All' item to song list to simplify creating randomized queue lists.

  • Holding Shift while double-clicking in the library will append the desired songs to the queue instead of replacing it.

  • Implement window constraints to prevent the user from making the program window too small.

  • Update menus to reflect current functionality.

  • Improve default theme button graphics.

  • Bundle unrar with MacOS X version.

  • Support more module formats on Windows.

  • Support retrieving Title and Copyright tags from MIDI files.

  • Add configuration option to disable the menu.

  • Speed up AVPlayer tag retrieval.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Member #7,536
July 2006

This is cool and looks really polished. I don't really have much use for it myself because I prefer command line tools and I have cmus for that. But I'll try to remember OMO for the next time I need a GUI tool. My current preferred GUI tool is Amarok, but Amarok 2.x seemed to regress in a lot of ways so I'm not such a big fan of it anymore.

If it's not on the TODO list yet, consider adding a lyrics viewer that automatically fetches lyrics from online sources. For somebody that enjoys singing (in the comfort of their own home, of course) this is a big plus, especially when they drink a lot, are getting up there in years, and/or have a large music collection.

You appear to have mixed tabs and spaces: That makes the code look poorly formatted if viewed without soft tab support, such as on GitHub. Just something you might want to clean up (if you guys can agree on something).

Todd Cope
Member #998
November 2000

cmus looks pretty cool. I've been using Clementine for a while, myself. Clementine is inspired by Amarok 1.4 according to the web site.

bamccaig said:

If it's not on the TODO list yet, consider adding a lyrics viewer that automatically fetches lyrics from online sources.

We'll be adding online features in v0.4, so this is something we'll be looking into for that version. Thanks for the suggestion.


You appear to have mixed tabs and spaces

Yeah, I've been coding on several different systems using Atom editor. Some of them must have different configurations. I'll make a note to fix this. Thanks for pointing it out.

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